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Wearable Technology: The Future or a Fleeting Trend

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Wearable Technology: The Future or a Fleeting Trend

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 Today, we are living in a world totally governed by smart phones. But with fast-paced technological innovations it is not far that these smart phones will not remain that ‘smart’. They will be usurped by something smarter. Wearable technology development, though in its nascent stage, will soon take the world by storm.

A lot of development and innovation is taking place in the wearable technology arena. Wearable Glass and wearable watches have already started making our lives easier, convenient and hassle free. These wearable devices are mini computers that can be worn on face (glasses), wrist (watch or a badge) or shoes. Indians are showing keen interest in these smart devices. Many online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon have started selling these internationally branded devices in India. Imagine a life without cash, card or a wallet. A wrist watch does all the smart work, even paying your bills. In the health sector too these devices are enormously beneficial. Say, for example, a surgeon can put on Google Glass to watch the patient’s vitals while performing the operation and that too even without stopping doing it. Isn’t it wonderful? One can surely say that this Wearable Technology Development  can be a boon.

Applications for wearable devices are equally important. Extensive product development knowledge and a mastery of various technology areas is a must for these devices to work. Technological expertise ranging from hardware design and development to cloud and mobile application development is required. The onus lies on the Application Development companies to develop such applications for the devices that make them valuable and easily adoptable by users. The App developers need to take the risk with different and innovative apps. This shall help the wearable devices getting into mainstream quickly.

Some of the wearable development companies are focusing on manufacturing wearable devices for businesses to improve efficiency and productivity. But it shall be a challenge for the companies to prove the efficiency of these devices over smart phones. Many manufacturing giants are also now betting on this wearable technology. Players like Intel, Qualcomm and many others have ventured themselves into this. Integration of the devices into daily lives and the affordability of the devices are greatest challenge for the manufacturers and developers.

Just as it is with every innovation, so it is with this technology. It too comes with all apprehensions as it is not clear of it expense in many business sectors. Wearable technological devices are obviously beneficial for its hands-free usage besides being portable, efficient and precise. Wearable Technology Development in India  has enormous potential. But it will take a concerted effort equally from wearable technology device manufacturers and the wearable technology application developers to make this technology work in the benefit of all. It is not far off that these devices shall grow more sophisticated to take over our lives. Time will be the best judge. The success of this technology lies in future for us to understand whether the trend is just a fleeting one or not or whether we shall live in a world of gadgets. 

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