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Web Based Windows Phone App Studio Beta Now Available

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Web Based Windows Phone App Studio Beta Now Available

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The Verge - Microsoft launches Windows Phone web tool to let anyone create apps

Microsoft wants Windows Phone developers and apps, and it's launching a developer tool on Tuesday in its latest effort to secure apps for its ecosystem. A beta version of Windows Phone App Studio is now available, and it lets anyone create a Windows Phone app from the web without any knowledge of code. Essentially, it's a set of templates that let developers quickly drag and drop text, content, and imagery into an web form to create an app.

Developers will be able to create apps through the web-based tool and then unlock and register a phone to side-load them and test them for free. Apps won't be automatically listed in the store though, as developers will still have to pay the annual Dev Center registration fee to publish them fully. Alongside the web tool, Microsoft is also updating its developer center to include a live chat service to let developers talk to support reps directly.


Windows Phone Developer Blog - Making it easier to get started with Windows Phone App Studio beta, simplified phone registration, support options & more payout markets

I’m pleased to announce a number of new tools and capabilities that further expand opportunity and enhance productivity for Windows Phone developers.

New tools for first-time developers

We’ve heard from many potential Windows Phone developers who have great ideas, but who might not have the coding skills to create an app using standard development tools. Sometimes it’s a first-time developer with a small-scale idea for an app; other times it’s an accomplished developer who wants to frame up a concept before committing dev time. We heard you, and today we’re releasing a beta version of a new app development tool, Windows Phone App Studio, that can help you create your app without coding. Windows Phone App Studio is a free, web-based app creation tool designed to help anyone quickly bring an idea to life by applying text, web content, imagery, and design concepts to any one of a rich set of customizable templates. Getting started is easy – just create a Microsoft account, choose your template, and begin adding your content. Windows Phone App Studio does the rest. When you’re app is ready to go, you can download the app to your own phone, or share it with others by publishing it to the Windows Phone Store.

We recommend trying out your new app in action on a Windows Phone before you publish it. Beginning today we are simplifying the developer phone registration process. Now, anydeveloper can unlock and register 1 phone to load up to 2 apps. Registered developers with Dev Center accounts continue to have the option to unlock up to 3 phones and upload up to 10 apps on each.

When you’re ready to publish your new app to the Windows Phone Store, you’ll need a Dev Center account. We’re making that easier as well with our $19 “Summer Break” limited-time Dev Center registration offer (through August 26, 2013). With this offer, the annual Dev Center registration is just $19 (or equivalent local currency). See official terms for more details.


Windows Phone App Studio


Shiny new way to create Windows Phone 8 app's...

Once I signed into my Microsoft Account and registered with the app, here was my first screen.


Here's the text (well most of it) behind the tiles;

Our company Own a small business? Or know of a small business that you want to promote? Use this template to create an easy-to-use, informative, and attractive app that will showcase your company’s story, products or services, and team. This template also allo...

Catalog Ever wanted an app that would show people all the great products in your store or all the ...

Celebrate Use this template to create a unique wedding invitation or celebration of your ceremony. ...

Menu Do you own a restaurant, or maybe just have that favorite place that you go to every week? Use this template to show your customers or your friends t...

Movie review Did you see the latest blockbuster last night and can’t stop talking about it? Or do you ...

My Family Still carrying pictures of your family in your wallet? Modernize your family photo collection by using this template to build an app all about your f...

My favorite band You know that band you like? Tell the world about them by building an app with this templ...

My hobby What do you do in your spare time? Knit sweaters? Repair vintage cars? Grow vegetables? Show everyone what you’ve been up to by using this templat...

My trip Whether you just got back from scaling Mt. Everest, a weekend at the beach, or just a walk down to the farmer’s market, share your favorite moments in...

Official store Advertise your storefront with a customized app using this template. Show your customers customized collections in each section, showcasing your best...

Personal trainer Use this template to build a customized personal training app. Keep track of your daily plan, including sports, workouts, and diet. Easily share it ...

Sports team Build an app with this template to easily share everything you love about your team with your friends. Include pictures and descriptions of your team...

Starting with the My Family template;

Still carrying pictures of your family in your wallet?  Modernize your family photo collection by using this template to build an app all about your family.  Include pictures and stories from your favorite family moments, your most recent trips or activities, and even something unique for each family member.






In short this is a quick and easy way for you to create your first app or two...


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