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Newly Hatched Python Tools for You

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I found some new and awesome tools that do a couple of interesting things such as IDS/IPS security testing, web service creation, and beta test management.  They're new open source projects that have recently joined the Python ecosystem.  Let's take a closer look at Pytbull, Klein, and Hunger to see how they are useful to you:


If you've ever set up an Intrustion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS) but weren't fully convinced that it was secure (which you shouldn't be) Pytbull is your new friend.  Pytbull is an IDS/IPS Testing Framework for Snort and Suricata which are both more mature projects. Pytbull can be used to...

  • Test the detection and blocking capabilities of an IDS/IPS
  • Compare IDS/IPS
  • Compare configuration modifications
  • Check/validate configurations



Klein is micro-framework for developing production ready web services with Python.  It's creators wanted to see if it would be possible to reasonably add Werkzeug's WSGI enhancements on top of Twisted's web services.  It has a lightweight API similar to Bottle and Flask (two other python based micro-frameworks).  But unlike most micro-frameworks Klien depends on things outside the standard library.  Specifically, Werkzeug and Twisted.

These are some highlights of Klein:

  • All Python solution
  • Ability to run other twisted services.
  • Twisted authorization framework



Ever had trouble running a private beta for your website or web app?  Sometimes it can be hard to pull off a stealthy, limited release like this.  A new Django app called "Hunger" can help you manage this.  Here's what it does for you:

  • Django app. to manage private beta phase
  • Users can sign up for private beta with email
  • Admin can invite people from Django admin panel

I hope at least one of these tools are useful in your developmental ventures but if not check out GitHub for more tools and projects.


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