Web Dev Roundup: Django Unchained

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Web Dev Roundup: Django Unchained

In this edition of the roundup, we discuss the Django framework for Python development and take a look at what DZone users are using it for.

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Welcome to this edition of the roundup! Last time, we explored how the DZone community is creating web applications by pairing Angular with other cool technologies. Today, we'll look at another great framework, though it's used with a totally different language. The focus of this month's Web Dev Roundup is Django! Hence my ripoff of the title of the great Tarantino film. Sorry, Quentin! (We're totally on a first name basis...)

And, as a quick side note, if you're interested in writing for DZone, but don't have a topic in mind, come check out our Bounty Board, where you can win prizes for providing great content, and our Writer's Zone which has plenty of prompts, tips, and tricks! 

Let's Get (Djan)going! 

  1. Tutorial for a First Project Using Django by Amjad Hossain. A developer walks us through the journey of creating his first ever Django-based application. We being by installing Python onto our machines and work up to creating a 'Hello World' message on a local server. 
  2. Discussing the Basics of Django With You by Shanky Munjal. A software engineer discusses the basics of the Django framework, beginning with conceptual basics, such as scenarios when Django is wonderful to use, before moving on to showing us how to install Django on our machines and writing some basic Python code in Django. 
  3. A Quick Guide to Django I18n by Stephan Schoening. Does your application or site have a global user base? In this article, you'll learn how to easily perform translations and localization in Django! So, let's give Mr. Schoening a big thank you/gracias/merci/danke/xiexie/grazie/dhanyavaad!
  4. Parsing Unsupported Requests (PUT, DELETE, etc.) in Django by Thihara Neranjya. When parsing in Django, issues can arise. Learn how to work around these issues with a few lines of Python and a few queries. 
  5. Building a Realtime Chap App With Django and Fanout Cloud by Justin Karneges. In this tutorial, Justin shows us how to create a web-based communication application using these two free platforms.

DZone Publications

  1. Refcard #193, Core Python: Creating Beautiful Code with an Interpreted, Dynamically Typed Language featuring articles by Ivan Mushketyk, Naomi Ceder, and Mike Driscoll. Python is an interpreted, dynamically typed language. Python uses indentation to create readable, even beautiful code. With Python’s vast array of built-in libraries, it can handle many jobs without the need for further libraries, allowing you to write useful code almost immediately. But Python's extensive network of external libraries makes it easy to add functionality based on your needs.

  2. DZone's Guide to Web Development: Frameworks and Responsive Design featuring articles by Adam Bard, Gabriele Tomassetti, Raymond Camden, Amir Rozenberg, Chris Lamb, Simon Wirtz, and Tom Smith. We continue to see new technologies and frameworks emerge on a consistent basis and existing ones continue to adapt and improve. With this wide selection of tools, it is difficult to find the one that fits your needs for a particular task or project...until now. The Guide to Web Development will help you find the optimal tool for your web development needs, cover the best practices for building modern websites, and show you how you can secure your web app on major platforms.

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