Web Dev Roundup: Spring Is in the Air

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Web Dev Roundup: Spring Is in the Air

Okay, so it's October, but it's spring in half the world! And it's always Spring time for Java-based web developers, am I right?

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Over the past few months, some of the most popular articles in our Web Dev Zone have been centered around creating web applications using Spring. So, the man of the people that I am, I decided to make this roundup all about Spring! Read on for some great tutorials, a link to the official Spring documentation, DZone publications about Spring, and a Spring-based job! 

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Put Some Spring in Your Step!

  1. Spring MVC Example for User Registration and Login by Ranjith Sekar. If you prefer reading code to reading English, this post is for you. Using XML, Java, and JSP, the author shows us the process, step-by-step, to implement registration and login features into our Spring MVC web application. You'll also work with POJO classes, DAO classes, controllers, Spring Beans, and data tables/MySQL.

  2. Creating a Web Application With Spring Boot by Ranga Karanam. Using MVC and JSP, this article walks you through the process of making a simple ToDo web app with Spring Boot. You'll develop the login functionality and work with JSP to create the editable ToDo list. 

  3. Exception Handling and I18N on Spring Boot APIs, Part 2 by Bruno Krebs. The second part of an article series dealing with localization, this article will show you how to handle various types of exceptions (bean validation, unexpected exceptions, REST exceptions, etc.), and how to work with a localized Spring Boot API.  

  4. Spring 5 Reactive Web by Praneeth Ramesh. An overview of all the components you need to create a reactive web application using Spring 5. You'll learn to create a Spring Boot project, create a handler class with functions to handle HTTP requests, create the various classes you'll need for the app, and how to test your application. A one-stop-shop for Spring! 

  5. Spring WebFlux with Kotlin - Reactive Web by Simon Wirtz. Reacting to reactive web applications, this article shows you how you can use Java's cousin, Kotlin, that's typically thought of as a language for mobile application development, to create awesome web apps as well. 

See What the Spring Team Has to Say

  1. Spring Tips: Reactive Spring Security by Josh Long. This DZone MVB and Spring Developer Advocate gives some tips on working with Spring Security 5.0 and how to integrate it with other Spring frameworks. 
  2. Spring for Apache Kafka 2.0 GA Available by Artem Bilan. A member of the Spring team and DZone contributor community discusses the new release of Spring for Apache Kafka 2.0.0 and goes through some of the new functionalities.
  3. Spring Documentation. Interested in learning Spring or refreshing your skills? Go check out the official Spring documentation! 

DZone Publications on Spring

  1. Getting Started With SPring Boot and Microservices Refcard: Enhancing the Benefits of Microservices as an Architectural Pattern, by Neil Stevenson. As beneficial as it is to use a microservice architectural approach, there are still downsides and obstacles to face. This Refcard will show you how to incorporate Spring Boot and Hazelcast IMDG into a microservices platform, how to enhance the benefits of the microservices landscape, and how to alleviate the drawbacks of utilizing this method.

Spring Into Your Next Great Gig!

Software Engineer, Distributed Systems (Java)
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

4+ years of experience working with Java, as well as experience dealing with large, Spring-based web applications backed by MySQL or MongoDB. The ideal candidate will also have experience with client-side development in JavaScript, as well as working in Angular and d3.js, and exceptional SQL skills. 

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