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Web Dev Roundup: Framework With a Vue

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Web Dev Roundup: Framework With a Vue

In this edition of the web dev roundup, we look at the JavaScript framework, Vue.js. Hopefully, this article is so inspiring it'll change your world vue!

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Welcome to this edition of the Web Dev Roundup! Last month, we took a look Node.js, and how you can Stay in the Node. This month, I gathered together some of the most popular articles on the JavaScript framework Vue.js on DZone. Topics include creating real-time data apps using Vue, what's new in Vue 2.5, and some content from the creator of Vue himself, Evan You. After re-vue-ing this month's edition, I have to say, it's awesome. 

And, as a quick side note, if you're interested in writing for DZone, but don't have a topic in mind, come check out our Bounty Board, where you can win prizes for providing great content! 

From Our Point of Vue...

  1. Vue.js 2.5 Released! How Your Business Can Benefit by Mantra Malhotra. Vue.js has skyrocketed up the popularity charts since its release in 2014. As such, many businesses have come to rely on it for the design and functionality of their user interface. Learn what the latest updates to Vue have in store for you (oh man! I'm a poet and I didn't even recognize the fact!). 

  2. Creating a Real-Time Data Application Using Vue.js by Davis Kerby. A tutorial on how to use the npm Pusher to create a Vue-based application that can consume and make use of real-time data. To illustrate the example, the author offers a code along to create a movie review application. 

  3. Vue.js + Brunch: The Webpack Alternative You've Been Hungry For Anthony Gore. Well, he beat me to the pun punch on this one. Our resident Vue.js expert Anthony Gore provides a tutorial on how to use a build tool known as  Brunch as an alternative to Webpack in Vue-based web apps. 

  4. A View to Vue.js Raymond Camden. An introductory look at Vue.js to explain why it's winning so many advocates and users in the web development community. Some of the topics covered are two-way binding and Vue's syntax that allows you to cut down on code length. 

  5. Where Did Vue.js Come From? by Joseph Zimmerman. JavaScript aficionado Joseph Zimmerman takes a look at Vue.js to try and determine its popularity in relation to Angular and React, concentrating mostly on its virtual DOM and CLI.

Vue With You

  1. The Vue.js Docs. Interested in learning Vue.js? See what the team who created and maintains Vue says about how to get started with, and use, the framework. 

  2. Vue.js Roadmap. Already an avid user of Vue? Check out his GitHub page where the Vue team displays the path the envision this great little framework taking in the future, as well as the upcoming Vue events around the world. 

  3. Vue 2.5 Released by Evan You. That's right, you read that right, THE Evan You, as in the creator of the Vue framework. Check out what the mastermind himself has to say about the latest updates to his brainchild. 

Vue Our DZone Guide on Web Dev

  1. DZone's Guide to Web Development: Frameworks and Responsive Design featuring articles by Adam Bard, Gabriele Tomassetti, Raymond Camden, Amir Rozenberg, Chris Lamb, Simon Wirtz, and Tom Smith. As 2018 approaches, we continue to see new technologies and frameworks emerge on a consistent basis and existing ones continue to adapt and improve. With this wide selection of tools, it is difficult to find the one that fits your needs for a particular task or project...until now. The 2017 Guide to Web Development will help you find the optimal tool for your web development needs, cover the best practices for building modern websites, and show you how you can secure your web app on major platforms. (For the Vue related content, see Raymond Camden's article.)

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