Web Dev Roundup: What the CRUD!

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Web Dev Roundup: What the CRUD!

We take a look at what the members of the DZone community are doing with CRUD operations in web apps made with various frameworks.

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Greetings and thanks for tuning in for this month's roundup! Last time, we discussed the Django framework for Python-based web application development. In this month's post, we look at how the DZone community is using the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations of a relational database in their web applications. Keep scrolling for some great articles by DZone contributors, and some cruddy puns by yours-truly. 

And, as a quick side note, if you're interested in writing for DZone, but don't have a topic in mind, come check out our Bounty Board, where you can win prizes for providing great content, and our Writer's Zone which has plenty of prompts, tips, and tricks! 

Some Not So CRUDy Reads  

  1. CRUD Operations With ASP.NET Core Using Angular 5 and ADO.NET by Ankit Sharma. A web developer walks us, step-by-step, through how to create an MVC web application in ASP.NET Core 2.0 with Angular 5. We'll also be using a SQL server as our database. 

  2. Build a Basic CRUD App With Angular 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.0 by Matt Raible. Angular and Spring Boot are arguably the two most popular frameworks in all of web development. Read on to see how to use them together in your app and perform CRUD operations on an API!

  3. CRUD Operations in ASP.NET MVC Using AJAX and Bootstrap by Anoop Kumar Sharma.  An in-depth tutorial on how to use AJAX, ASP.NET, and Bootstrap to perform CRUD operations and make interactive web applications. 

  4. Spring Webflux: A Basic CRUD Application (Part 1) by Gunter Rotsaert. In this post, we will explore the capabilities of Spring Webflux by creating a basic CRUD app, and implement a few CRUD operations.

  5. MVC CRUD Actions Using KnockoutJS by Sibeesh Venu. We'll walk you through a tutorial on how to create an MVC CRUD application using KnockoutJS in conjunction with a SQL database and Visual Studio. 

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