Web Performance Tips: Tim Hinds Talks Today's Tech

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Web Performance Tips: Tim Hinds Talks Today's Tech

Neotys Product Marketing Manager Tim Hinds breaks down web technologies and performance, including HTML5, WebSockets, adaptive bitrate, and RTMP.

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Performance is one of the most common, and important topics. Even commercials, such as the new Microsoft Surface ad campaign, boast “better performance!” Web performance, particularly, is enormously essential. Why? Well, it’s a rapidly changing ecosystem, and furthermore, there are loads of tangible benefits. For retail, there’s a strong correlation between speed index and customer retention, and it’s a similar dynamic for content providers.

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a development team is complacency. The modern world moves so fast, and new technologies are coming out all the time. If you stop innovating and stop adapting, you’ll be sunk. It’s critical for web developers to be continuously responding to the changes around them. -- Tim Hinds

A recent article by Tim Hinds from the Neotys blog broke down testing tips to ensure enhanced performance. Hinds discussed HTML5 performance testing best practices, benefits of WebSockets, RTMP’s built-in performance testing tool, and adaptive bitrate. Tim states, quite correctly, that maintaining superb web performance means staying abreast of the latest technologies, and best practices. Web Performance has tangible benefits and ramifications.

Check out the full article over on the Neotys blog. Happy performance testing! 

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