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Web Service Standard Complexity

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Are we over-standardizing web services and hindering their adoption? No, and in fact I feel that it is helping its adoption in the modern corporate world. Standards, although they can be daunting and tedious, provide a universal framework to which we all can operate in and around. These frameworks provide a common interface for all of to use when interaction with various computing environments so that data can be transfer freely.  Standards are protocols in which computers communicate with one another. If we take this to the living world, the united nations hires interprets for all each countries dignitaries so that they can understand what other countries are talking about. Imagine if the president of the United States wanted to talk to the ruler of China. How would these to communicate? The interpreter would translate data back and forth acting as in intermediary using both standard American English and Chinese. Without knowing the standards in either language no one would be able to communicate.

Even though we work within the framework of standards does not mean that we are stuck with these standards. As technology evolves all standards will be out of touch, and when this occurs standards need to be refactored or replaced with new standards that are current with the technology at that time. How else are we as developers and the technology going to grow? What do you guys think?

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