Webinar: How PageSpeed Impacts Your Online Success

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Webinar: How PageSpeed Impacts Your Online Success

Everybody knows that website performance makes a difference. But which aspects make how much difference? Tune in on Wednesday, July 29th at 1pm EST to find out.

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Ever wonder how much your website’s performance affects your customers’ experience and success? If so, join

During the webinar, Ruxit will discuss how to:

  • Increase your site’s uptime

  • Beat down JavaScript errors, and

  • Troubleshoot performance issues with third party content providers and CDNs

Teknicks will touch on:

  • Some of the benefits of increasing PageSpeed, such as:

    • User experience

    • Increased conversion rates, and

    • Organic rankings, to name a few

  • The PageSpeed rules you need to follow for SEO purposes:

    • Avoid landing page redirects

    • Enable compression, and

    • Optimize images, as well as much more

The speakers will be Martin Gutenbrunner, Developer Advocate at Ruxit & Lindsay DeFeo, Director of New Business Strategy at Teknicks.

Let us show you the way to success and increased revenue with your web business: Register now!

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