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FREE Webinar: Why Java Needs Type 5 JDBC Drivers


Whether you’re new to data access in Java or are familiar with the pain associated with the limitations of Type 4 JDBC drivers, you will want to check out this complementary Webinar featuring two JDBC experts, Jonathan Bruce and Jesse Davis. Together they will discuss and debate the need for a new type of JDBC driver – a Type 5 JDBC driver that:

  • Overcomes the limitations of Type 4 JDBC driver architecture
  • Delivers better Java application performance regardless of what data access model the application uses
  • Allows modern data-driven Java applications to easily take advantage of years of innovation in database features without requiring code changes

Whether your JPA, Hibernate, or Spring-based applications are experiencing performance problems or if adding new database features to your application is resulting in brittle code changes and work-arounds, you'll definitely want to check out this presentation.

Register now to learn what a Type 5 JDBC driver is and to get your questions about it answered.


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