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Webinar: US Navy Integrates Spring Applications with Flying Colors Thanks to Web CMS is the main Web site for the U.S. Navy's recruitment efforts. In 2010, Campbell Ewald (CE) redesigned to be more interactive and responsive to user needs using Magnolia CMS Enterprise Edition and Blossom, Magnolia's instant Spring integration.

On Nov 15 2011, Magnolia will host a webinar explaining how CE used Magnolia's Blossom module for straightforward app integration and how Blossom enabled Spring developers to work efficiently with Magnolia CMS right from the start. Presenters include Matt Dertinger, User Interface Architect at Campbell Ewald and Tobias Mattsson, Blossom Developer at Magnolia.

This webinar will take place on Nov 15 2011 and Spring Developers of all levels, as well as Developers and IT professionals interested in application integration for business solutions, are invited to attend.

Register now to see Campbell Ewald & Magnolia present all the technical details on Nov 15 201 at

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