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WebMatrix 2 Beta Adds PHP IntelliSense

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WebMatrix 2 Beta Adds PHP IntelliSense

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WebMatrix has made a name for itself by massively simplifying and accelerating the construction of a relatively complex web site—specifically the CMS, widgets, web server, and back-end stack.  

PHP-based CMS developers found WebMatrix especially useful for providing a pain-free setup for their applications on Windows machines.  Veteran PHP developers still remember when deploying PHP on Windows was an unbearable exercise, but for the last few years Microsoft has diligently developed the tools to make life easier.  One of the main reasons for creating WebMatrix was to create a wizard-like experience that would string together these back-end tools automatically.

Fast forward to now, and it's been about 6 months since the GA release of WebMatrix 1.0.  The latest version, 2.0 beta, is making things even easier once again with Microsoft's trademark IntelliSense tool now available for PHP code editing.  If PHP devs like IntelliSense as much as Visual Studio users do, WebMatrix 2 should be a huge success.

You can download the Beta release of WebMatrix 2 right now!

Here is the complete list of new features from Microsoft's Roberto Lucero:

New Features:

  • Remote Site Access and Editing


    You can now quickly edit your remotely published files without having to pull-back and republish. 

  • Streamlined Web Application Installs



    Database passwords and users are generated for applications making it faster to get up and running.

  • .NET and PHP Intellisense



    Major updates to the WebMatrix code editor which allows for both .NET and PHP intellisense along with HTML, CSS, and JScript

  • Rich App Extensibility


    Try out some of the WebMatrix extensions that are available in the Extensions Gallery or develop your own!

  • Integrated Learn Content


    Are you new to a concept or want to learn more about features?  Custom learn and help content links are built into Webmatrix now.

  • Improved Database Management User Experience


    Databases has been updated to match the style and profile users have come to expect of WebMatrix.  The UI is clean and even more integrated with the application.

  • Integrated NuGet Package Manager experience with ASP.NET WebPages 2 Applications
    Users can now manage the NuGet packages that they want from within WebMatrix and quickly integrate them into their application.

  • New and improved web application templates! 
    Try out Personal Site and the improved Starter Site for more details.

For the comprehensive feature overview, go to Microsoft's Web Platform portal

Download WebMatrix 2 Here!

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