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Weekly Cloud Roundup!

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Weekly Cloud Roundup!

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Learn how to migrate and modernize stateless applications and run them in a Kubernetes cluster.

A few little updates to some leading cloud providers.  Google app engine has updated their SDK, Heroku has launched a site for tracking Heroku App status, and Openshift highlights an alternative to Node.js that runs on JVM.

Google App Engine
1.6.6 SDK Released
Updates have been made to the Search API, service has been refined, and now apps that have billing enabled can configure up to 100 cron jobs.

New Site for Tracking Heroku App Status
The Heroku team is bring to "maximize our transparency and accountability" by providing real-time status of the heroku platform.

Opehshift Highlights Vert.x - the Node.js for Java in the Cloud
This is an alternative to Node.js for those wanting to run on the JVM with support for many languages.  Requirements and installation walkthrough are included.

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.


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