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Weekly Poll: Game Dev Demographics

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Weekly Poll: Game Dev Demographics

Surprise! We're launching a Game Dev Zone over here at DZone. We'd love to get to know you, faithful readers. Let us know a bit about your game dev experience and interests.

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We're committed to making DZone more awesome every day. You've likely noticed (since you're reading this post) that we've completely revamped our site, giving it a much needed facelift (and functionality lift) using our own brand-new platform.

But surface isn't everything. As part of our evolution, we're debuting a new portal: a Game Dev Zone! I'll be spearheading this lovely addition to our community. You might not be too surprised to hear this, since I've already been exploring the space with the help of awesome new MVBs like Daniel Doan with Black Shell Media

As we prepare to launch the Game Dev Zone, I wanted to get the input of you, our dedicated, loyal community. After all, without you guys, we wouldn't exist. Let us know a bit about you and your experience and interest in game development in this week's poll, and feel free to reach out with any thoughts and suggestions. 

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