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Weekly Top 10: DevOps Transformations and Containers

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Weekly Top 10: DevOps Transformations and Containers

This week's roundup of DevOps insights includes some discussions about work culture, containers, and Continuous Delivery.

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Welcome to another roundup of the latest news in DevOps, Agile, and Continuous Delivery. This week’s news focuses on the major drivers of DevOps transformations and the culture changes that make the transformation successful and features insights on containers and microservices, which are becoming the new inescapable buzzwords taking the industry by storm.

Continue reading for more on the latest modern software delivery news and trends, and, as always, stay tuned to all the news coming from @ElectricCloud on DevOps and Continuous Delivery throughout the week.

1. Five Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About DevOps

By Chris Cancialosi | Published on @Forbes | Click here to read

I know that there are many entrepreneurs out there who aren’t funded to the gills. They’re no strangers to making every penny count toward realizing their vision. If you can relate to this in any way, you’re probably like me — forever working to find ways to maximize efficiency and to deliver more value to your customers. Whether eliminating waste in your processes or improving the user experience of your website, the entrepreneur is constantly striving to maximize value. Here’s a little secret: the tech world is making some really interesting strides in this effort, and they call it DevOps.

2. Top Culture Changes to Make DevOps a Reality - Part 1

By @APMdigest | Published on @APMdigest | Click here to read

Earlier this year, DEVOPSdigest compiled an epic list of expert opinions about 30 must-have tools to support DevOps. While all of the 30 tools included on the list can augment an organization’s DevOps initiative, none of them — not even all of them together — can guarantee DevOps success alone. First and foremost, DevOps requires a culture change. In DEVOPSdigest’s list of 17 ways to define DevOps, the very first definition is "a cultural revolution." So, the perfect next topic to explore is culture change, a phrase that is often used (maybe overused?) when talking about DevOps. The term culture change does not speak for itself, however. What exactly are we talking about when we say that DevOps requires a culture change? That question is what this list endeavors to answer.

3. Top Culture Changes to Make DevOps a Reality - Part 2

By @APMdigest| Published on @APMdigest | Click here to read

DEVOPSdigest asked experts across the industry – including analysts, consultants, vendors, and even users – what they think is the most important cultural change an organization can make to ensure DevOps success. The result is a broad range of answers that delves deep into what DevOps is really all about. Part 2 covers the relationship between Dev and Ops teams.

4. 6 Small Steps to Digital Transformation

By @EricKnorr | Published on @infoworld | Click here to read

The phrase “digital transformation” is wearing a little thin, as marketers twist it into a pitch for whatever they’re trying to sell. So, let’s settle on a broad yet simple meaning: the journey from inflexible platforms, products, and workflows to a permanently Agile condition.
InfoWorld Contributing Editor Dan Tynan and I make the argument for this definition in a new Deep Dive you can download here. Naturally, the details of transformation vary infinitely depending on the organization. Yet commonalities persist in nearly all cases, such as DevOps, cross-silo collaboration, and big data analytics.

5. WTF Is a Container?

By @fredericl | Published on @TechCrunch | Click here to read

You can’t go to a developer conference today and not hear about software containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and a bunch of other names with a nautical ring to them. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and everybody else seems to have jumped on this bandwagon in the last year or so, but why is everybody so excited about this stuff?

6. DevOpsSec, SecDevOps, DevSecOps: What’s in a Name?

By @Tischart| Published on @CSOonline | Click here to read

The world is awash in DevOps, but what does that really mean? Although DevOps can mean several things to different individuals and organizations, ultimately, it is about the cultural and technical changes that occur to deliver cloud services in a highly competitive environment.

7. 9 Reasons DevOps Is a Dirty Word

By @kg4gwa | Published on @InformationWeek | Click here to read

DevOps means a massive change for most organizations and requires serious commitment from management and workers. It isn’t for everyone, but is it really for anyone? Here are nine reasons DevOps might not be right for you and your organization.

8. An Agile Introduction to DevOps, Part I: What Is DevOps, Anyway?

By @gil_zilberfeld| Published on @DZone | Click here to read

Let’s start with what DevOps is. I went to the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, and the definition goes like this: “a culture, movement, or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.” Well, isn’t that vague?

9. An Introduction to Modern Agile

By @JoshuaKerievsky | Published on @InfoQ | Click here to read

Agile is modernizing. Thanks to Lean and Agile pioneers and practitioners, we now have simpler, safer, speedier ways to achieve awesome results. We call these new approaches modern Agile because they’ve evolved far beyond early Agile methods. Modern Agile is ultra-light, the opposite of mainstream Agile, which is drowning in a bloated tangle of enterprise tools, scaling frameworks, and questionable certificates that yield more bureaucracy than results.

10. Tips for Dealing With the People Issues of DevOps Transformations

By @carlarudder | Published on @4enterprisers | Click here to read

Continuous delivery and deployment are key tenets of a DevOps approach, but there’s another critical component not to be overlooked: the Continuous People Pipeline. Jayne Groll, co-founder and board member of the DevOps Institute, will discuss why it’s so important for teams to recognize their contribution to the value stream at the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit, which will be Nov. 7-9 in San Francisco. We spoke with Groll to find out more about the role of culture in DevOps and what IT leaders can do to set their teams up for success.

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