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WeIO: A Hardware and Software Platform for IoT

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WeIO: A Hardware and Software Platform for IoT

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The Internet of Things is a reality that is already upon us (as well as a hopefully-not-dystopian future), but it's most compelling when it's something you can create on your own. That's the beauty of hobbyist boards like the Raspberry Pi - you can build real, functional IoT devices to prevent heart attacks and so on. If that's of interest to you, you might want to check out WeIO, the "Platform for Web of Things."

It's not available just yet - still an IndieGoGo campaign at this point, so make what you will of that - but it looks like a pretty interesting idea: an open source hardware and software platform which, according to the campaign page, allows for the development of connected objects using your usual mainstream web languages, like Python or HTML. You build everything (software-wise, of course) in the browser:

(via WeIO on IndieGoGo)

Here's the "please donate some money" pitch, which shows off a lot of the potential uses and gives a pretty good idea of what one might do with WeIO:

In other words, as the creators put it:

WeIO is made for the lazy ones ;)

It comes across in the advantages they list over Raspberry Pi and Arduino. For example:

  • Off-the-shelf WiFi connectivity
  • No installation necessary (everything's done in the browser)
  • Automatic software updates

Take a look at the WeIO IndieGoGo page for all the details, and a whole bunch of pictures of some slick-looking IoT apps. You know, because you might want to strap a computer to your dog, or something.


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