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Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

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Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

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Let me welcome all of you to the new DZone community for one of the most important and fastest growing groups in the worldwide IT scene: Indian developers and IT professionals. No matter where you look, if something interesting is happening on the IT and technology front, then there is almost surely Indian brainpower and ingenuity somewhere behind the scenes.

This is a new and unusual community for DZone to serve, and I feel it is crucial to say up front that ALL developers are welcome, no matter where in the world they live and work, and no matter what their country of origin. The defining factor here at IndicZone must be a shared interest in matters of relevance to Indian developers and IT pros, not any form of bias or prejudice. India's economy is on the rise, and more than one out of every six humans on the planet is Indian. Therefore, we ALL share an interest in the healthy growth of this powerful rising star, and the opportunites both within India and abroad are abundant.

So, in the spirit of innovation, let's begin to innovate within the DZone communities and share knowledge and insights to increase global awareness and understanding of this incredibly important group. Welcome to IndicZone, and let's work together to make it a great resource that is worth visiting regularly!


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