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Welcome to DZone, Open Source Zone!

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Welcome to DZone, Open Source Zone!

The Open Source Zone features everything from the philosophy of open source to the nitty-gritty details of building and protecting your open-source software.

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Welcome to the Open Source Zone!

We have officially launched our 15th Zone! For this one, we decided to take our approach in a different direction. At DZone, when we hear the phrase “open source,” we think community and collaboration. This is not the type of content we have specifically covered before on DZone.

So, how did we get here? If you’ve been counting, this is the 4th Zone that we’ve launched in the past year and a half. Security and AI launched in 2017, and Microservices launched just a few short months ago. With these three most recent Zone launches, we followed the trends of what people were talking and writing about, and what piqued the interest of our community. It became pretty obvious that we needed to cover these topics in standalone Zones. When we began planning our next Zone, we realized that many of the widely discussed and popular topics were already covered by many of our existing Zones. It was through this introspection that we came to the conclusion that Open Source was the next Zone to launch.

Why Open Source?

Open-source software and tools span the majority of our Zones and topics covered. More and more companies are releasing open-source solutions. With the push to become more “open,” there have been challenges and growing pains along the way. When gathering ideas of what to include in this Zone, we wanted to make sure that it didn’t become the catch-all Zone for all open-source projects. As a company that is built around a community of developers sharing their knowledge and expertise, it became clear that the Open Source Zone should take a similar direction.

In preparation for this Zone, we conducted an exploratory survey and received over 1,200 responses. Of the survey respondents, 66% noted that they are familiar with and have worked on open-source projects in the past, and they’re interested in working on them in the future. 94% of respondents noted that OSS is currently important to their organization. There’s interest, there’s experience, and there’s relevancy to providing information around open source. We knew that it was a great topic to add to our Zone family, but what direction were we going to take in content coverage?

What’s Covered in This Zone

Here is our official definition of the Open Source Zone:

The Open Source Zone features everything from the philosophy of open source to the nitty-gritty details of building and protecting your open-source software. It covers everything from OSS security, community maintenance, the monetization of OSS, and comparisons of open-source repositories. The Open Source Zone offers practical advice regarding transitioning from a closed to an open project, creating an enforceable code of conduct, and making your first OSS contributions. This Zone encourages you to adopt an open-source mentality and shape the way open collaboration works.

As seen above, this Zone adopts and emphasizes an open-source mentality. We will share case studies, tutorials, successes, and failures of moving to and maintaining an open-source community. We’ll focus on equipping you with the necessary tools to lead you to effectively manage your open-source project.

Here are some helpful resources that we’ve already published to get you started:

How to Get Involved

We can’t build a community without you! Here are some great opportunities for you to get involved in the Open Source Zone:

  • Participate in the Open-Source Showdown contest
  • Want to submit an article, but not sure what to say? We have writing prompts up at our Bounty Board!
  • Interested in hearing from us when we publish new open source content? Be sure to subscribe to our Open Source Zone newsletter by updating your email preferences in the user drop-down
  • Want to see your brand as a sponsor? Let us know here.

We are excited to share this new Zone with you, and to continue to contribute to open-source communities. If you have any content ideas or are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us at editors@dzone.com. Please join us in welcoming the Open Source Zone to the DZone family, and thanks for your continued support!

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