Journey to IT Misarchy (Part Seven)

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Journey to IT Misarchy (Part Seven)

Sara and the whole startup discovered that the only thing they are missing is a common and true goal for their company. But how to discover it?

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Sara then wondered how she was going to go about bringing all the members of the company together to achieve a shared and real goal for all the members of the company.

To do this, she had to define a process, but also have it validated by the stream of wisdom, in order to have an authority that validates the process, and makes it credible in the eyes of all.

Sara thought that ideally, ideas should be brought in, and then she would go to John from the wisdom stream to talk to him about it.

Sara looked around to see how this could be done and came to the conclusion that the company's shared goal had to be in line with the company's culture, the value to the customers, but also the aspirations of the employees.

She thought so of the following scheme:

  • A first round of discussions:
    • For the corporate culture: The most senior people in the company speak up in front of everyone and talk about what they think makes the company special. This is followed by an open discussion with everyone.
    • For customer value: Salespeople and the CEO are asked for their views on the subject. Then the same open discussion
    • For employee aspirations: We will draw lots of employees who will say what their personal aspirations are (for those who accept, we will let people refuse, of course).
  • A second-round where everyone writes on post-it notes their opinion on the three axes, and/or lets everyone read the opinions.
  • A third-round where several working groups are made, which must propose a company goal, and where at the end we vote by giving a mark for each reason.

The idea is that everyone can reflect and express themselves, but also generate a moment of sharing that we hope will converge. Once her ideas solidified in her mind, Sara sent an email to propose this approach to the wisdom stream.

A day later, she received a reply, proposing to set up a quick meeting right away at the coffee machine. A sign that the meeting is going to be quick!

Arriving at the coffee machine, by the time the entire wisdom team arrives, John speaks:

"Sara, this is a very good initiative, we just have one suggestion."

"Yeah? What do you suggest?"

"We should draw lots for each type of profile, making several baskets that are supposed to be representative of the company, to ensure that the opinions expressed are representative opinions."

"Okay with me... Maybe we should email our boss, get his thoughts?"

John smiled and said, "It's déjà vu, and he wants it done by Friday of next week." 

Sara understood that she was going to have a lot of things to organize all at once, but she was still very proud of what she had accomplished for her colleagues and her company, she the "simple" accountant.

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