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Welcome to the DZone Family, Microservices Zone!

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Welcome to the DZone Family, Microservices Zone!

Our newest Zone focuses completely on microservices and will take you through breaking down the monolith step-by-step and designing microservices architecture from scratch.

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Welcome, Microservices!

Today, we are pleased to launch our 14th topic portal, the Microservices Zone. With months of planning around our topics, we feel that this is the best next step in content coverage to round out our other 13 Zones. We are excited to explore the topic of microservices alongside you.

Behind the constant stream of articles, Guides, and Refcardz that you see on a daily basis, the DZone team is constantly evaluating topics, researching popular industry trends, and looking for what we should cover next. We believe that DZone should be a place whose content coverage should evolve as your knowledge and interests do. So, how exactly do we do that? The answer is simple: we rely on you, our highly technical, highly educated, dynamic DZone audience.

In 2017, we launched the Security and AI Zones. With security no longer being an afterthought in the SDLC and with advances in AI constantly breaking through technological barriers, these were pretty obvious frontrunners in the next Zones to open. As we moved into the second half of 2017, the question that arose was, what do we look to cover next, and how do we know if it’s something that will be of interest to you? Enter microservices.

Why Microservices?

“Microservices” has been a known term to the developer community for almost a decade. However, in the past year, the hype and buzz around microservices seem to have skyrocketed. We also noticed an uptick in microservices-related content submitted to DZone. Throughout the course of 2017, we kept our eye on this topic and the DZone community’s reaction to it.

When we’re in the process of exploring a topic we think may make for a good Zone, we plan a Guide around the topic to gauge the level of interest around it. In December of 2017, we released our first DZone Guide to Microservices, and it quickly became one of our most downloaded guides of the whole of 2017 (despite it being our final Guide of the year!).

To further ensure that this was a topic we wanted to explore, we included a question in the 2017 DZone Community Survey about which topics you, our DZone audience, wanted to see us cover more of.  Seeing that 83% of the almost 2,000 survey respondents said that the primary reason why they go to DZone was to learn, we also wanted to make sure that we are going to publish content that will help grow your knowledge. That being said, the number one topic that the survey respondents (60% to be exact) wanted to learn more about was ‘microservices.’ This was the final validation that we needed to prepare for our next zone.

What Will We Cover in This Zone?

That’s a good question, and we’re happy you asked.  Here’s our definition of what the Zone is:

The Microservices Zone will take you through breaking down the monolith step-by-step and designing microservices architecture from scratch. It covers everything from scalability to patterns and anti-patterns. It digs deeper than just containers to give you practical applications and business use cases.

Our content coverage will range from tutorials, to case studies, to opinion pieces, and everything in-between. Here are some helpful articles that we’ve already published to get you started:

How to Get Involved

Interested in playing a part in influencing the coverage of this Zone? Here are some excellent opportunities to work with us:

  • Participate in the “At Your (Micro)Service” Contest! This contest runs through the end of February.
  • Want to submit an article, but not sure what to say? We have some fresh writing prompts up at our Bounty Board!
  • Interested in hearing from us when we publish new microservices content? Be sure to subscribe to our Microservices Zone newsletter by updating your email preferences in the user drop-down.
  • Want to see your brand as a sponsor? Let us know here.

We’re excited to share this new Zone with you. If you have any content ideas or are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us at editors@dzone.com. Please join us in welcoming the Microservices Zone to the DZone family, and thanks for your continued support!

Learn why microservices are breaking traditional APM tools that were built for monoliths.

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