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We're Going to Learn A TON About How We Monitor Performance

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We're Going to Learn A TON About How We Monitor Performance

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Discover 50 of the latest mobile performance statistics with the Ultimate Guide to Digital Experience Monitoring, brought to you in partnership with Catchpoint.

The latest survey from DZ Research is live, and it's all about performance and monitoring.  Remember the days of #MonitoringSucks?  Well now it's time to see if it still sucks.

See what I mean: Check out the Survey

As with all of our surveys, the questions are super-intriguing and you are entered to win a Nexus Tab, iPad Air, or MS Surface when you take it.

When it's all said and done, we'll have really interesting stats to share about these things:

  • How long it takes most developers to find, diagnose, and fix performance issues
  • The most common causes of those issues
  • Where those issues most frequently occur in the stack
  • The types of technology and specific tools developers and operations are using to monitor and fix performance in their applications

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Is your APM strategy broken? This ebook explores the latest in Gartner research to help you learn how to close the end-user experience gap in APM, brought to you in partnership with Catchpoint.


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