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We've Got Your Top New Year's Resolutions for the Workplace

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We've Got Your Top New Year's Resolutions for the Workplace

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In the spirit of the new year and breaking bad work habits, we wanted to share some ideas and possibly inspire you to add at least one 2014 resolution around making improvements at work!  As we recently shared, our Harris Survey revealed that 90% of employees are bugged by bad mobile phone & email etiquette in the workplace. But it's not all doom and gloom.  The results also clued us in on some more positive findings as well: 75% of employees would like to correct some of their own bad work behaviors. Not surprisingly, over one third of employees want to spend more time focusing on their own personal health and wellness. A quarter of your peers really want to start using more vacation time and another 25% want to be more productive at work.

So, it's high time we kick distribution lists and reply-alls to the curb, and be more conscious of how our mobile usage at work might be affecting others.  I took the breaking bad habits quiz and realized I need to make some resolutions, too. Here are my top 5 -- what are yours?


1. Pay attention and stay focused. There are plenty of ways to be more productive at work. Studies suggest listening to classical music provides short-term enhancement of mental tasks — including memorization — known as “spatial-temporal reasoning.” A standing desk will give you more

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energy by keeping your blood flowing and your mind alert.

  • I'm looking forward to using my Bose headphones to listen to new iTunes radio lists that help me tune out surrounding distractions and focus on the tasks in front of me.

2. Take better care of yourself. Take advantage of your employer’s health and wellness benefits: Sign up for a gym and get money back on the monthly membership. Get that annual flu shot to avoid the plague and stay healthy. It’s worth waiting in line for.

  • My goal is to attend yoga class twice a week. It's both relaxing and a great workout.

3. Use it or lose it, people! There is a cap on the maximum amount of vacation time that you can have in a year. Once the maximum amount of hours is reached you stop accruing more hours, essentially wasting hours that can be used to accrue more time. And studies prove, a break from work actually help you perform better in your job.

  • I don't need an excuse to take an extended weekend break!  A ski week and a long weekend in Napa? Booked.

4. Use Mobile to free up time. Mobile devices have increased our capabilities outside of the office, allowing employees to receive and write emails, schedule meetings, make sales calls and even use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot to connect your other mobile devices to the Internet. Purchase a data plan with plenty of memory for larger downloads, and take advantage of any mobile data reimbursement plan your employer offers.

5. Limit that inbox. By reducing the amount of emails you have in your inbox, you can reduce the amount of stress you have and make sure you are keeping up to date on request and action items vs. letting them fall by the wayside.

  • Selfishly, this is a Jive advantage for me. More time out of my inbox and into Jive is a continuous goal.

Psst...have you taken our online quiz to see how you stack up in the bad work habits department? Find out what your faux pauxs say about your workplace personality. Don't forget to let us know what you get!


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