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What’s new in HighQ Collaborate 3.3?

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What’s new in HighQ Collaborate 3.3?

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest version of HighQ Collaborate. Collaborate 3.3 is loaded with new features, including two-factor authentication to provide additional security for very sensitive sites; iSheets date-based alerts, which will be helpful for maintaining time-sensitive data; the ability to copy files from site to site; the ability to import folder structures from Excel; document review allocation and many other smaller improvements.

Our major announcement with this release is the public availability of our new API, and the addition of two brand new features: secure file transfers and document automation. These can be added to an existing Collaborate license at additional cost.

Secure file transfers

secure file transfer webinarOur new secure file transfer feature is useful for ad-hoc file sharing without the need to create a team site in a way that is quick, easy and secure. Users will simply be able to upload a file and share a link to download or view that file with anyone. For security, it is possible to apply digital rights management and automatic expiry to each shared file.

More details about secure file transfers:

  • Offers the ability for users to quickly and securely send files to any recipient
  • For securely transferring files that are either too sensitive or too large to send via email
  • Users can apply expiry dates to shared files to automatically revoke access after a period of time
  • Users can apply digital rights management to shared files, to restrict saving or printing of the file and prevent unwanted data leakage
  • Users have access to their own “My files” section of the system where they can permanently keep their files and securely share them
  • The secure file transfer capability is built into and integrated with the rest of our enterprise collaboration platform

You can watch a webinar demonstrating the new secure file transfer feature on our website.

Document automation

doc automation webinarDocument automation is a solution that is integrated with our iSheets module. It allows Word documents to be automatically assembled and created based on iSheet data and pre-defined Word templates. HighQ clients will be able to create new templates in-house and offer document automation to their own clients, with no external development required. The solution is simple to implement and intuitive to use, and new templates can be set up in days.

More details about document automation:

  • Provides the ability to automate the creation of documents based on a specific document template and data captured or inputted into our iSheets module
  • Allows standard types of documents, such as employment contracts, NDAs, software licenses, reports etc. to be quickly created in a standard way
  • Users simply fill out a form to input the relevant data and then generate the document based on the pre-defined template
  • A very powerful tool for standardising documents such as contracts or reports where the format needs to remain consistent
  • Improves efficiency by removing the headache of constantly merging and formatting complex documents
  • Allows professional services firms such as law firms, accountants or consultants to give their clients access to create documents based on their professionally produced templates

We ran a webinar demonstrating how document automation can be used to simplify a number of business processes. Watch the webinar here.


After a lot of work, we’re pleased to announce the public availability of our new REST API for the first time. Our clients and integration partners will be able to leverage the API to integrate Collaborate with other systems, and will allow for the creation of new connectors and bespoke integrations to facilitate interoperability between systems.

More details about our new REST API:

  • A completely rewritten and brand new API available to customers, developers and system integrators
  • Enables integration between HighQ Collaborate and other systems at a programmatic level
  • Enables our customers, other vendors or specialist integrators to connect our system to others
  • We have developed some of our own connectors based on the API such as HP WorkSite, Active Directory and SharePoint integration
  • We want to encourage others to integrate our system with their own systems or other platforms that they use
  • We want to start building a vibrant developer community where people can add value to our platform and gain access to our ecosystem

We will be opening our developer programme in the coming months. If you’re interested in joining our developer community, register your interest here.


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