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What’s New in TFS 2012? My Series of Tutorials

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What’s New in TFS 2012? My Series of Tutorials

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Whatever new awaits you, begin it here. In an entirely reimagined Jira. 

In this series I will start introducing what’s new in Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 ( TFS 11) or as we expect to be  Visual Studio 2012 and  Team Foundation Server 2012 (TFS 2012)
  1. Introduction
  2. Project Management Tool
  3. SSDT (SQL Server Developer Tool)
  4. Team Explorer
  5. My Work
  6. Code Review
  7. Suspend and Resume
  8. Local Workspace
  9. Pending Change
  10. Diff and Merge tool
  11. Unit Testing Improvement
  12. Code Clones
  13. Build Improvement
  14. Storyboarding
  15. Microsoft Feedback Client
  16. Exploratory Testing Improvement
  17. IntelliTrace in Production
  18. Alerts
  19. Administration


My Work

A new Window introduced in Team Foundation Server 2012.

The following is a step-by-step video that cover the entire topic.

My work like a Facebook feature.

For me I think of this feature like the Facebook notification, it will enhance the interactivity between you and your team, so let’s see how Facebook does it.  If anyone of your close friends adds a post or photo, this will appear in your notification. No need to check the wall every minutes for your close friends for new posts, this is My work.  It will keep you connected with what’s is going on without the need to check that all the time, so no need to query the work items to know if there are new tasks assigned to you or not, if your code review is reviewed or not, or if you have a new bug or not, and many other options.

My Work depends on the login activity to determine what data to bring, so it will retrieve all your data (Tasks, Pending Change) based on who you are when you login into the Team Foundation Server.

My Work based on Task Based Development Model to provide very high synchronization mechanism with your team mates.

My Work Sections.

As we can see My Work divided into 4 section:

  • In Progress Work
  • Suppressed Work
  • Available Work Items
  • Code Review

There will be separate posts for Suppressed Work and Code Review sections, in this post I will try to focus on In Progress Work and Available Work Items only.

Available Work Items (section):

It is a Team Explorer section that is retrieve data based on who you are and a work items query, you can open this query to have more info about what the criteria that retrieve the data, you can also create new work item from new menu.

In Progress Work (section):

It is a Team Explorer section that show what you are performing right now, so it could contain tasks, code pending change, it’s very intelligent to just show only what you can do at this moment, so if there is pending change it will show a check in command, but if there is not it will not show it,  if there is also any project editing, it will show the suppress button.

Drag and drop work items from available to in progress.

So to start work on a task you just select it and click start or just drag and drop it to the In Progress Work section.

Just remember if you have 10 task to do, you only can work on one task at any point of time so the story here is you will just put one task inside In Progress Work section that you will work on it right now so it should have only one task at point of time and this make it very intelligent to associate the task when you try to check in your code because that’s meaning you have pending change and the working task should associate if you are not finished or should be closed if you finished.

In Progress Work with and without pending change.

In Progress Work after click on check in command

When we move the work item from the Available Work Items section into In Progress Work section, this will change the state of the work item to in progress and this can be shown on the Team Web Access, and so when we click finish or check in, but the vice versa is not true, that’s mean if I change the work item on the Team Web Access from To Do for example to In Progress, this will not reflect on My Work or In Progress Work.

Change the work item to In Progress inside My Work reflect on Team Web Access.

Change the work item to finish inside My Work reflect on Team Web Access.

Change the work item to In Progress inside  Team Web Access doesn’t reflect on My Work.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  


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