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What Advice Would You Give To Students Of Java?

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What Advice Would You Give To Students Of Java?

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Janice J. Heiss has put together a very interesting article in which a range of well known Java programmers are interviewed about the tips they would like to pass on to students. In summary, here's each of their nuggets of wisdom contracted to a sound bite:

  • Joshua Bloch: Write Lots of Code
  • Tor Norbye: Learn to Use Your Tools
  • Chet Haase: Don't Put Your Entire Application in One Method
  • Ben Galbraith: Interact With an Expert
  • Masood Mortazavi: Start Simple and Keep Learning
  • Raghavan Srinivas: Don't Be Overwhelmed
  • Cay Horstmann: First, Don't Panic
  • Arun Gupta: Try Different IDEs
  • Rick Cattell: Good Technology Is Only 10% of Success
  • Chuk-Munn Lee: Choose an Area of Your Immediate Need
  • Tom Ball: Programming Is Still a Craft  

The insights are really personal and, therefore, interesting. Read the whole collection here. And then ask yourself: what advice would you like to give to students of Java (or, probably, any programming language)?

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