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Have you seen our HERE Twitch channel to livestream our Developer Waypoints series?

Recently DZone had some neat insights from the developer community where we learned how much certain new web standards are actually getting used.  This poll was another very successful and interesting collection of data much like our previous NoSQL Survey and the "If you could only learn 3 languages" surveys. 

Now we've got a similar set of 11 simple questions in our HTML5 Zone survey reboot to help the community see the trends in the web development community and in HTML5 standards progress.  You saw the results from last November's survey, and now we're basically checking back in with developers to see what's changed since the last poll.  We'll be publishing the results for this one too so be sure to check back in the next week or so and we'll have the full rundown of last survey's results compared to this one.

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Here's a sample of the first question.  Every question after it goes a lot faster...

How frequently do you use the following web standards in your recent web development efforts?

Developer Waypoints is a live coding series from HERE, which will teach you how to build with maps and location data.


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