What Are Some Web Dev Use Cases?

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What Are Some Web Dev Use Cases?

The power of the internet, and its ubiquitous nature, mean that the breadth and depth of possibilities for web devs are endless.

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To gather insights on the state of web application development today, we spoke with 12 executives who are familiar with the current state of the industry and asked them, "What are some real-world problems solved (use cases) by web applications developed by you or your clients?" Here's what they told us:


  • Some examples: 1) A major pharmaceutical company uses a set of our apps, several written wholly or in part by us, to heavily automate their drug delivery pipeline. Applications allow analysis of chemical assays and animal tests of candidate compounds, tracking of samples, tracking and analysis of contracts with partners, and other functions. 2) A major defense contractor uses a massive application of ours to track and itemize costs involved in government bids through their network of suppliers and contractors, so they can provide the necessary full transparency in bids that frequently go into the billions of USD. 3) A major chip manufacturer uses several of our applications to collaboratively analyze performance and defects in batches of chips, to refine their manufacturing processes.
  • In New Zealand and Australia, we have a medical industry client trying to help patients be discharged from the hospital earlier and ensuring they follow a home health protocol. They have blue tooth monitors that link to the smartphone that verify the patient is taking the recommended action (weighing, checking blood pressure, taking medications). If not, the patient can be reminded and the doctor or hospital can be notified and a nurse dispatched if necessary since this is less expensive than re-admittance to the hospital. We’re also doing a lot of work with pharmacies with regard to adherence and compliance of prescribed medicines. 
  • Our solution is used across industries to launch new businesses, new products, and orchestrate new customer experiences (CX). From accelerating clinical trial start-up at Sanofi to speeding the check-out experience at Ryder Truck, our low-code platform provides the fastest time-to-market for mission-critical workloads.


  • Making structured data easier to use with API data feeds. Marry the data structure with the structured content that’s SEO friendly. Keep it simple on the developer side while maximizing the value on the structured data side.
  • Transactional emails like password resets, welcome emails, abandoned cart, and marketing emails can be automated based on user need.
  • DevSecOps culture is bringing security into the SDLC. Seamlessly embedding security testing from build to delivery with a single pane of glass. Increase assurance not insurance. Security is a real-world challenge. Developers are supposed to deliver features and functionality at high velocity. We need to check for defects earlier. Allow companies to prioritize security without diverting developer focus from core features. Autonomous, self-driving security.
  • It’s the main UI for users accessing our product. We enable clients to model complex things in the real world through the software pipeline to the production model. Able to work in the web mobile-friendly environment which works anywhere – screens and touch-friendly. Design, usability, ubiquity, and learnability with coaching marks and guided walkthroughs.
  • We make development tools for people building web apps – pre-built, tested components (grids, charts, scrolling mechanisms) so customers don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We enable customers to focus on their business specialty.
  • Headless example with our plug-in through HTTP watches the coder scanning, and flags errors and suggests corrections, with microservices in the cloud that can scale to maintain a performance equivalent.
  • newmedia is an interactive agency that specializes in web application development for a multitude of clients. When newmedia began working with us, they had consistent problems engaging new developers and delivering reliable hosted products. While newmedia was consistently able to deliver quality web applications to clients, they continued to spend significant time onboarding new developers and designers and maintaining hosting environments. Feedback cycles were slow because there was no concept of continuous delivery. We were able to reduce the time it took for a new developer or designer to create billable work from as much as two weeks to less than half a day by providing consistent development environments and workflows centered around our dev tool. By using a hosting platform driven by us, newmedia was able to provide consistent environments and high availability deployments. Continuous pipelines made it trivial for employees to move code into staging or production environments. The work empowered Project Managers to reduce feedback loops with clients ensuring quality deliveries while enhancing newmedia's offerings with additional security and reliability.
  • We work with clients in the development, deployment, pre-production, and post-production phases to ensure the UI of their web app looks great in each browser, screen size, resolution, and location. We test on different devices to ensure consistency. We monitor after the application is deployed to ensure UX/UI is consistent with good response times.

What are some interesting web applications that you've seen?

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