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The Most Important Characteristics of a Good Software Tester

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The Most Important Characteristics of a Good Software Tester

In this article, a tester shares what he thinks allows testers to become great in their job and stand out from others in their field.

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Software testing plays an important role in software development. In other words, testers are the most responsible people in a software development project, they are the ones who ensure the projects are bug-free and release them without any defects.

There are no specific guidelines to becoming a good software tester, but there are some important characteristics you must possess to become a great tester:

  • Have a creative mind: This is one of the most indispensable traits of a good software tester. As a software tester, you need to think outside of the box and approach things in different ways.
    A creative mind will allow you to think beyond what is expected of software and its users. As your product can be used in many different ways by its end-users, you need to put yourself in their shoes. The more you think of every possible scenario a user could go through with your application, the more you will be able to generate ideas to test it effectively. If you don’t think from their perspectives, you may miss a lot of important bugs.
  • Think from the end-user perspectives: Understanding your customers will help you to satisfy their needs. Every product is developed for the customers and software is successful only when you provide its end-user a bug-free application. Therefore, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about them first. Try to think like an end user and understand who will be your end users. Only when the tester knows and understands the ultimate goal of the product, can they help to analyze the system’s strengths and weaknesses and go beyond the mere testing duty.
  • Have the ability to organize and prioritize: If you want to be a good software tester, you need to understand the priorities. As a tester, you need to identify and organize the important tests and then prioritize execution based on the test’s importance. In other words, you must be able to understand what should be tested first, and what should be given less priority, what can be automated and what should be tested manually. While evaluating test efforts, you must consider the defect history. Usually, the number of defects counted at the beginning is more and tends to reduce by the end of the test cycle. Prioritizing and organizing will ensure that all your important tests get executed early and you won’t skip any of these at the end of the release cycle due to time pressure.

The testing phase is vital for any software development process. For software testing to be successful, you need to possess these characteristics and try to implement them in your testing activities. Practicing these skills every day will allow you to excel in this field.

Last but not least, love your job!

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