What Are the Prerequisites to Learn Cloud Computing AWS?

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What Are the Prerequisites to Learn Cloud Computing AWS?

Before you begin your foray into the world of cloud computing using AWS, here are some things that you ought to be familiar with.

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What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services, commonly called AWS, is an extensive and secure cloud services platform presented by Amazon. The AWS Cloud or Amazon cloud provides a wide range of facilities services, such as storage options, processing power, networking and databases to businesses, helping them scale and expand. Amazon gives its services on-demand with pay-as-you-go pricing plan.

AWS promotions were first launched in 2006 and presently it is the leading cloud services supplier.

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So, What Are the Prerequisites to Learn Cloud Computing?

This is the issue that bothers most of the IT specialists who want to explore the world of the cloud. There are also several myths surrounding the specifications to become a cloud computing expert. In this article, while taking you through the skills required to learn it, we will also attempt to bust the incorrect assumptions about the same.

The term cloud computing is an umbrella period and involves many various concepts of details technology. It generally dwells around the areas of IT that involve program infrastructures, hardware infrastructures, virtualization technologies, data center features, and software engineering methods.

In this article, we will highlight on Structure-as-a-Service cloud suppliers such as Amazon Web Services.

Knowledge of Operating Systems

As Amazon Cloud is a broad area, it is important to know the simple concepts relevant to operating systems, like Windows, Linux, etc. (e.g. how they perform and operate at a high level).

Understanding of the Linux operating system is important as most companies that work with web programs and scalable environments use Linux as their preferred operating system. Linux is also the major choice for applying an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform i.e., the AWS platform. The best way to learn Linux is to start using it and going via the documentation and basic courses online.

Understanding of Virtualization

When you get a working knowledge of operating systems, the next factor to learn is virtualization technology. Virtualization plays a massive role in this.

Virtualization is an approach to the house and runs multiple operating systems (virtual machines) within a single physical machine. Each virtual machine has specific CPU, RAM, and disk space capabilities and runs its own operating system.

Virtual machines reveal the same hardware and the same network devices. They are just virtually divided from one another.

Knowledge of Networking

Networking is an important element of Amazon Cloud as all operations in a cloud platform involve networking. To start with, you should at least have the knowledge of how IP addresses work and understand what public and personal networks are.

Each cloud case in point needs to be linked to the Internet. Perfecting the concepts of networking can be a difficult task as it requires you to learn certain key skills that demand time to understand.

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