What Are We Doing to Prepare Students for IT Jobs?

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What Are We Doing to Prepare Students for IT Jobs?

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the tech industry, one company is preparing recent graduates for the last mile of a lucrative career in IT.

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Great speaking with Joe Vacca, CMO & EVP of Strategy and Innovation at Revature, which is committed to preparing college graduates for real-world IT jobs in ways that colleges cannot, given how fast technology and tools are changing.

Revature partners with universities like Arizona State, George Mason, CUNY, University of South Florida, University of Maryland, Ohio University, and Boise State to provide postgraduate training. They also work with leading companies, like Accenture, Capital One, Duke Energy, and others, that count on Revature to recruit, train, and deliver entry-level and experienced IT professionals.

Training College Graduates

According to Joe, the key areas the companies Revature partners with are interested in are:

  1. Java

  2. .Net

  3. Microservices

  4. Salesforce

  5. Microsoft Dynamics

Joe sees courses in big data with Hadoop and Spark and software engineering testing on the horizon.

While there are about 60,000 cybersecurity professionals certified per year, the demand outweighs the supply, and Revature is exploring expansion into this area as well.

Revature’s approach to training entry-level IT staff is viewed as a modern-day apprenticeship helping universities provide new career pathways for computer science majors and others to meet the growing demand for STEM talent in every industry.

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