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What Will You Do With Your Data?

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There are a lot of ways to track data on your smartphone or mobile device, but what do you do with that data once its been collected?  A new set of mobile apps from OpenPaths, available for both iOS and Android, provides a "secure data locker for personal location information" that allows you to access your data from the website.

Files are available for download in multiple formats including:

  • KML
  • JSON
  • CSV

OpenPaths API enables you to integrate your own software with the platform, and you can import data from location-based services like Foursquare.

You can keep your location history to yourself, or you can share it with specific research initiatives, art projects, or educational programs as you so choose. The OpenPaths online interface allows you to manage who has access to your data. Regardless, your data is always encrypted on the OpenPaths servers, and cannot be accessed by anyone without your express consent.

-- OpenPaths

OpenPaths can also act as platform for researches, artists, and technologists to request data for certain projects from participants who can choose whether to provide their data for each project.

The goal is to help individuals realize the importance of the data they create everyday, and provide a way for those individuals to make good use of that data. So what will you do with your data?

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