What Are Your Must-Have iPad Applications?

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What Are Your Must-Have iPad Applications?

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As an iPhone and iPad owner, I enjoy going to the App Store now and again to see what's popular at the moment. What other developers can do with apps is a great source of inspiration for my own work on app development. The iPad is a great example of this evolution, with FlipBoard and the new Twitter app showing mobile applications developed right. In this article I'd like to share a few of my favorite applications on the iPad (sorry, I don't own any other mobile device), and ask you to share some of your own top apps.


Project has just been released, and after hearing about this iPad-only magazine from Richard Branson, I had to give it a go. It's fairly low cost (2.49 euro), and it felt very slick to read through.  As you'd expect, it makes use of all those features that you would want from a digitial magazine: interactivity where you can swipe through ads and images to get extra information, embedding video, a list of web links at available to view at the right hand side of every page. 

PROJECT magazine cover video from PROJECT on Vimeo.

Having already tried out the Wired apps, I think Project has found itself more at home on the iPad. It's going to be interesting to see how digital magazines work out on tablets in the next few months.


Twitter is so good on the iPad, that I really can't enjoy using Twitter any other way. I'm really impressed with how Twitter changed the user interface for their latest version. Their use of "windows" within the application is obviously the most inspiring feature, taking a different approach for the norm. 


FlipBoard was released with a lot of hype, and rightly so. The user interface again challanged the standard approaches. The idea of hooking into your Facebook & Twitter accounts to provide a feed was quite nice. The Twitter UI works better for me now, but it's a useful way to read through the news.

As you can see, my "must have" list is very much based on comsuming information. For producing documents,  Writer sounds like a nice simple way to do word processing on the iPad. I would need to test that right up against Pages.

I'm know that I've left out a lot of apps in this rundown- I'd really like to hear what you think is essential for the iPad.



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