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What Is a Content Game?

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What Is a Content Game?

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While many people think that content marketing is an invention of the Internet age, it’s actually a lot older than that. Some early examples of content marketing date back to the late 19th century, when August Oetker was printing recipes and putting them on the packaging for his baking powder, and then when Michelin started offering information on car maintenance and travel tips.

Clearly, companies have known for quite some time now that you can sell a lot more products and services when you engage a wider audience and spread brand recognition. When people associate a product with your brand, they’re more likely to buy from you than from another company.

This may have been a neat trick that gained a number of customers for companies a hundred or more years ago, but today it’s absolutely essential to success. Furthermore, content marketing is changing and evolving seemingly daily. The latest innovation and trend in content marketing is the content game.

Content Games Are Not as New as You Might Think

This another idea that’s not as new as you might think. Companies have been marketing their brands through contests and giveaways for years and years. By incorporating some of the elements of game play into their marketing strategies, they make their company seem more fun than the competition, and they encourage more interaction and engagement with their current and potential customers.

A content game is a fantastic way to engage your audience on social media, your website, or in a mobile app. While writing blog posts and presenting useful information and entertainment to your potential client base is engaging, it does not require interactivity. If, however, you share your content marketing material in the form of a contest or quiz, you can get an entirely new level of engagement with your clients.

Contests are the most basic form of gamification in marketing, but you can use gaming elements even more to get your audience involved. For example, you could create a quiz.

Appeal to Your Audience’s Sense of Fun

Say your company sells hats, and you want to get more customers buying and wearing your hats. Instead of spamming everyone who follows you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with advertisements, why not create a fun quiz? Your quiz could be, “How well do you know your hat history?” with questions like, “Who was the first president to stop wearing hats (boo!) at outside events?”

People love games, and when they enjoy a game, they tend to share it. When they share it, it goes viral. Before you know it, your game is being played by thousands of people, and you’re getting significant increases in your site and store traffic.

Content games appeal to your audience with a sense of fun. They don’t feel like they’re being advertised to, but at the same time, they’re learning to associate your brand with a fun game, interesting information, and a great product or service.

If you haven’t already considered incorporating games into your content marketing strategy, it’s time to step out of your marketing comfort zone and try something new.


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