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Android Marshmallow: What Developers Need to Know

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Android Marshmallow: What Developers Need to Know

A list of new features in Android Marshmallow for developers to take advantage of. Get up to speed on Google's Now On Tap, Doze, and Fingerprint Authorization.

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Android Marshmallow is considered to be Google's most robust operating system release, with several improvements aimed at enhancing user experience. It primarily centers around stability and security, focusing on speed and battery life. This operating system from Google includes a host of new feature such as search engine giant's digital assistant Google Now, known as Now On Tap, Doze, and Fingerprint Authorization.

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Here are the top features that Android developers ought to know about:

Fingerprint Authorization

With Android Marshmallow, there's no need to remember cumbersome passwords. Android Marshmallow introduces system-level fingerprint support via the new fingerprint API. Your hand is the key to unlock your Android device. Fingerprint allows users to securely navigate through sign in, the play store, and even in apps. Native fingerprint support also allows developers to create unified apps with much-needed fingerprint security for authorization and payments. The launch of Android Pay and several other touchless payment systems relying on fingerprint scanners for authentication can be handled by Android instead of a manufacturer add-on.

Users Control App Permission

Just installed a new app and bombarded with permission requests? Usually in Android, app permissions are required during the point of install. This has changed with Android Marshmallow. From now on, an app will only ask your permission for something when it is absolutely essential which will result in a smoother user experience. It’ll make things much clearer, letting you see exactly what apps are doing in the background.

Apple Pay

Google’s all new mobile payments system will let you make purchases at participating stores using phone’s NFC chip. Android Pay also lets you make purchases on your phone, such as paying for an in-app purchase. Google Wallet, Google's original mobile payment app, is changing to handle payments between friends, family and others.

Google Now on Tap

Google Now is Android’s virtual assistant providing weather updates, travel reminders, news and content which are based on your preferences. It tries to improve your overall search experience. “Now on Tap” offers real-time context to searches and content in a bid to improve search experience. No more need to switch between one app to another. Google Now on Tap allows you to use the Home button to deliver information to you.


Battery life has been a contentious issue surrounding Android operating system. Doze, a new feature launched in Marshmallow, aims to solve battery life problems. This feature will switch idle devices and apps in the background to an off state. This effectively means that your phone will last twice the time. Your device will not be nonfunctional in this mode as Doze allows alarms and key notifications. With this feature, apps will not be constantly updated with the latest information.


The biggest features of Android Marshmallow help revolutionize small things people will appreciate in their day-to-day lives, like individual app permissions, native support for fingerprint sensors, and granular context features for Google Now. These new features will help developers scale new heights in Android App Development by providing better app-to-app communication.

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