What Devs Are Working on During Covid

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What Devs Are Working on During Covid

Read some community submissions that help readers improve their skills, use data science, and keep informed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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While we're still adapting to the onset of Covid-19, the world's still turning. And fortunately, developers are used to working in just about any environment and while overcoming plenty of diversity. 

About a month ago, we put out a call for interesting coronavirus stories — and you did not disappoint.

Below are three of our favorite projects or series about coronavirus sent in by the DZone community.

India vs. Corona

(Sent in by Ajitesh Kumar)

India vs. Corona is a dashboard site dedicated to presenting the most up-to-date numbers, trends, and resources out there to help our Indian readers. It breaks down the numbers — infections, deaths, and recoveries — by state to give viewers a more accurate look at how the outbreak has impacted the country. On top of it all, the site has a number of videos available to help educate visitors and keep them entertained.

Top notch stuff!

Coronavirus Predictions

(Articles by Sriram Parthasarathy)

Probably some of my favorite coronavirus-related posts on DZone, Sriram has done a great job using machine learning (usually Facebook Prophet) to offer predictions on the pandemic.

His two most recent posts are:

If you love working with numbers, check those posts out.

Using Coronavirus to Boost Your Skills

(Article by Vijay Singh Khatri)

While plenty of developers are working 70-hour weeks (sorry friends!), if you happen to have some spare time on your hands, it might be worth dedicating some of it to learning something new. This post is a great example of that. Read on as one dev tries his hand at an app using Python, urllib, and Beautiful Soup.

Thanks for all of your support and suggestions, everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy!

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