What Else About Integration and APIs?

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What Else About Integration and APIs?

How do we help legacy systems make the digital transformation? Will the future of APIs help solve this problem? How do you communicate the value of an API platform?

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To gather insights on the state of integration, API design, and API management, we spoke with 19 executives who are familiar with integration and APIs and wrapped up our interview by asking, "What have I failed to ask you that you think we need to consider with regards to integration, API design, and management?"

Here's what they told us:

Transitioning Legacy Systems

  • The evolution of integration is APIs. Development at the edge with apps, chatbots, and IoT. Most companies are not digitally native. They are dealing with legacy systems. How do we modernize and leverage traditional interfaces in the digital transformation? How do we make innovation possible for these companies?

The Future of APIs

  • In any integration scenario, it is important to think about change. No modern system is deployed once and runs forever. As developers, we need to expect and plan for change, which means taking a critical look at every decision we make. To quote Rich Hickey, “Programmers know the benefits of everything and the tradeoffs of nothing.”
  • Keys to success: 1) Stay abreast of technology, invest in integration (e.g., have an API for the next version of Visual Studio so you don’t have unhappy customers. Provide a level of investment to ensure customers can use the product they purchased. 2) Use telemetry to know what people are using. Make better business decisions based on what people are using. Able to make logical decisions about what to build and what not to build.
  • Shift from relational SQL to non-relational APIs. We've gotten to the point where you can advertise APIs and other systems to communicate so we get to point and click.
  • There’s a lot of consolidation going on with API management. What’s the future of the API management space – especially with APIs in the cloud? With regards to API design, how many organizations/developers are thinking about it?
  • Which industries will have the fastest uptake of APIs? It depends on the appetite of the companies and the individuals in those companies rather than the industry. IoT and AI are integration problems. AI is just another API.

API Platforms

  • Telling a clear story about the developer opportunity is a missing component of many struggling developer ecosystems today. The most elegantly architected, best integrated, and well-designed API frameworks will not draw developers without a clear story around how developers can create value (remove friction from workflows, make money, get new customers, etc.) by building with an API platform.
  • In today’s world, an API platform needs to work in any environment for true hybrid consumption of APIs.
  • Using the Cloud Application Service, you can build complex business process applications that invoke and interact with other systems, services, and humans. These business processes can be stateful and long-running, or transactional micro-flows. We provide architects and developers with a platform that makes it easy for line of business teams to implement integrations that support their business processes without having to resort to low-level ESB functions or require them to manage states of interactions.  

Anything else we might have missed in this series on integration, API design, or API management?

Here’s who we talked to:

  • Murali Palanisamy, E.V.P., Chief Product Officer, AppViewX
  • Kevin Fealey, Director of Automation and Integration Services, Aspect Security
  • Max Mancini, VP of Ecosystem, Atlassian
  • Shawn Ryan, V.P. Product Marketing, Digital as a Service, Axway
  • Parthiv Patel, Technical Marketing Manager, Built.io
  • Chaitanya Gupta, CTO, Flock
  • Anwesa Chatterjee, Director of Product Marketing,  Informatica Cloud
  • Simon Peel, CMO, Jitterbit
  • Keoki Andrus, VP of Products and Steve Bunch, Product Manager APIs and Integrations, Jive
  • Rajesh Ganesan, Director of Product Management, ManageEngine
  • Brooks Crichlow, Vice President, Product Marketing, MongoDB
  • Derek Smith, CEO, Naveego
  • Guillaume Lo Re, Senior Software Engineer, Netvibes
  • Vikas Anand, V.P. Product Management and Strategy – Integration, Oracle
  • Keshav Vasudevan, Product Marketing Manager, SmartBear
  • Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing, TIBCO
  • Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement, Veracode
  • Milt Reder, V.P. of Engineering, Yet Analytics
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