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What Games Have You Developed?

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What Games Have You Developed?

Our respondents’ games are every bit as diverse as the industry, with multiple genres represented ranging from sci-fi to education.

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To gather insights on the current and future state of Game Development, we talked to eight executives involved in game development in some form or another. Here’s who we spoke to:

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What are some examples of successful or unique games developed by you or your clients?":

  • 1) Werewolf by Ten Cent is a murder mystery board game that is voice-driven using our voice SDK. 2) Xioami, the fourth largest mobile phone maker, makes Me Combat, a first-person shooter game that has one million daily active users once it added voice. Social gaming has been huge in the Asian market for some time. We’re just beginning to see the rise in social interaction games in the U.S.
  • We have a portfolio of products starting with the VBS3 desktop trainer that can be used by infantry, tank driver, or UAV driver. Situation aversion with spontaneous reaction and simulation training.
  • Wolfenstein II makes some strong political statements for that niche, Resident Evil 7 is very engaging and high impact.
  • While I was not the developer of these games, this is a small slice of some of the more well-known titles I did PR for:
    • Guns of Icarus Online
    • RPG Maker VX
    • To the Moon
    • Avernum/Avadon/Geneforge/Exile
    • Speed Runner
    • Virtual Villagers
    • ScreenCheat
    • All Amaranth Games titles (Aveyond)
  • One of our most successful would be School of Dragons, an evolving science-themed multiplayer online and mobile game (based on the How to Train Your Dragon film franchise). We created a unique questing system leveraging Unity’s capabilities. Understanding the core followers of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon, we assessed our target audience and what we wanted this game to look like. Our age range was older than our previous products, so we incorporated a lot more gaming aspects into the gameplay. And the way we made the education more applied to the narrative than just in the user’s face, made this experience very unique and fun for everyone. ‘The HTTYD brand gives us a unique opportunity to blend science and entertainment, particularly because the franchise’s main character, Hiccup, is an aspiring inventor and has a natural curiosity for figuring out the solutions to problems. This allows us to add interactive elements to the various quests in the game, such as involving the different characters like Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut as NPCs who give players their quests. More than “involving” these characters, we want to take the education and wrap stories around them — stories that are meaningful to the characters of HTTYD, stories that would immerse players and make players feel like they are part of the larger HTTYD journey.’
  • 1) Beasts of Balance is a five-star rated game for one to five players. It’s a family game where Jenga meets Pokemon. Customer hardware seamlessly links the tower you are building to your tablet or phone. The combination of digital and physical play creates unique challenges and means no two games are ever the same. 2) Voice Originals is a new series of voice-augmented tabletop games combining tabletop and digital play into new experiences – played face-to-face, not face-to-screen. The world of each Voice Original title is brought to life through voice acting, music, and sound effects. Your smart speaker (i.e. Alexa) is your personal guide to the experience; teaching the rules, keeping track of your progress, and even helping you out in times of trouble. When in Rome is the first game in the series.
  • Gameball with nine titles using familiar patterns.
  • Zynga, Farmville, Pokemon Go, Draw Something, Playtek, Disney, Blizzard, and EA.
  • We have two core game worlds, ourWorld, a virtual world for teen girls, and our flagship title, Vegas World, a social casino MMO built for an older audience. Both are metagames, which means they provide a larger environment where different individual games can be played. For example, in Vegas World, we have a variety of casino-style games such as slots, poker, and roulette, in addition to rich social environments where players can dress up and go to parties or clubs while engaging in a deep social experience with chat, messaging, gifts, and much more. In total, we’ve developed more than 100 individual games that can be played within ourWorld or Vegas World
  • I’ve worked on over 60 projects in my career, some more successful than others. My most successful would be DOOM (2016), Rage, and Fortnite. When it comes to unique, I’ve worked on some interesting ones. One project called Bite of Reality teaches kids how to budget and manage money. Another project called Butterfly Dream is a tool to showcase an 8k 3D TV, and the gameplay is modeled on Pokemon Snap.
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