What I Don't Want to Hear From a Dev Anymore

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What I Don't Want to Hear From a Dev Anymore

When it comes between architects and devs, it's a bit complex.

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As a former developer, and now an IT architect, I still interact with developers. And as much as it usually goes very well, I sometimes have to deal with very special specimens. So I would like to share a few anecdotes with you.

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This Brand New Javascript Framework Looks Great; We're Going to Use It on the Next Project!

Your job should not be confused with a hobby. The brand new framework always has the following specificities:

  • The community is tiny.
  • The framework is full of bugs and missing features.
  • The expert developer does not exist on the market.
  • It's probably a framework adapted to you, but will everyone be able to get into this framework?

In fact, to be honest, I often recommend Java as a basic technological stack. We'll say what we want, there are many libraries, the community is huge. Developers are available on the market, and when the customer is a company that doesn't spontaneously attract developers. You better choose something in common.

Let's Use Open-Source Technos

Yes, I have no worries, I even prefer it. We work for an e-commerce customer who does not have the means to develop his back office. So open-source, but with support, and not StackOverflow! I'm not redoing the open-source/closed-source debate, I'm pouring for the first one, but you must never forget the support.

I Don't Have Time to Document!

I remember a sentence I read, which stated, "Write your code and document as if you knew that all this would be taken over by a psychopathic killer". It should never be forgotten that the project continues to live after its delivery! But if not, we can sit you down next to this future colleague with bad habits.

Architects Are Useless

Well, too bad for you then! I was going to tell you what other applications had APIs that might be of interest to you or that might make them for you. I like to see people doing what has already been done! Oh, by the way, I had a lot of information on infras, and how inter-application exchanges work. I think I'll keep them to myself.

Ops Are Useless, They Are Not Able to Correct My Mistakes by Themselves in the Installation Guide

Yes, I heard that! Seriously ops are paid to be ultra-rigorous if you misspelled the name of the SQL file to pass, it's your problem, not theirs.

I Only Know the Oracle Database, I Would Only Use an Oracle Database

I only know good developers, goodbye!

Delphi Is Still Alive!

Have you tried the other development environments? Or are you clinging to what you've known for years?

We Work in Agile, You Only Have to Adapt If It Doesn't Work for You!

Yes, but you had given me a certain formalism for the API, and you changed it without telling me. So maybe agility has nothing to do with any of this, right?

What about you? What are the sentences you can no longer stand to hear from your fellow developers?

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