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What I Learned in WP7 – Issue 1

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What I Learned in WP7 – Issue 1

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Since I published the 31 Days of Windows Phone, I have come across an amazing list of cool things you can do with these devices.  In discovering these things, I’ve probably started more than a dozen blog posts to tell you about them.  Sadly, I haven’t finished any of them.

Most of these topics were something I saw someone write about on Twitter, or an article I read in my RSS aggregator, and many times, it seemed silly to just reproduce an article that someone else had written very succinctly.

So, with that, I am starting a new series on my blog entitled “What I Learned In WP7.”  I’ll try to publish something every day, but I’m not making any promises.  There will certainly be days that get skipped.  I’ll publish links to the interesting articles I’ve read, lessons I’ve learned while writing apps for Windows Phone (I’ve got 3 in the marketplace right now, if you’d like to check them out…), and news from the mobile development industry that I think you’d be interested in.

This series will obviously be VERY slanted towards Windows Phone development, but if there’s something cool going on with Android, iPhone, or some other platform, I’ll probably include that too.

So, with that, here’s today’s issue of “What I Learned.”

Microsoft is planning a second Windows Phone 7 OS update for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. (engadget)  This is above and beyond the update that has been discussed for January, which will include cut & paste.

Reporting is now enabled for the Windows Phone Marketplace., and developers will get paid for the first time in the 4th week of January, 2011.  After that it will be every month. (create.msdn.com)

You can actually make your lock screen on Windows Phone transparent.  This means you can see your Live Tiles without even swiping your phone to unlock it (this does not work if you have your phone PIN locked.)  All you need is a transparent PNG to set as your background. (windows 7 news)


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