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What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 8

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What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 8

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These were the sales numbers after the first 6 weeks of Windows Phone 7 availability:

1.5 million phones have been sold to carriers and retailers.

That’s pretty exciting news.  Add that to the ever growing App Marketplace, and this platform is really taking shape quickly.

Today I am working on a simple Twitter application for a presentation I am giving at Codemash called “Mobile Smackdown” where I am going to be presenting with Chris Judd (Android) and Daniel Steinberg (iPhone).  We’re each going to build the same application on our respective platforms in 15 minutes.  Hence the “simple” moniker.  In building this, I realized that I’ve always required users to type something in a TextBox, remove focus from that textbox, and then press a save button.  As it turns out, there’s an easy way to use that “Return” key on the on-screen keyboard.  Here’s the code:

void textbox_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
	if (e.Key == System.Windows.Input.Key.Enter || e.PlatformKeyCode == 0x0A)
		//Do stuff here
		e.Handled = true;


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