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What I Learned In WP7 – Issues 11 and 12

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What I Learned In WP7 – Issues 11 and 12

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Issue 11 - I am currently learning a ton about MVVM and testing on Windows Phone.  If you are just starting to build an application, I highly recommend checking out Jeff Wilcox’s post about his Silverlight Unit Test Framework. (jeffwilcox.com)

You’ve certainly used a ListBox control before, but you’ve likely been pining for a ListBox that allows drag-and-drop re-ordering.  Jason Ginchereau has created one, and made it available.  Check it out on his blog. )(Jason Ginchereau’s blog)

Issue 12 -

Someone asked a question on StackOverflow today about the RGB colors for each of the default colors on Windows Phone.  I’ve answered it there, but I’m also publishing it here (along with the Hex values), so you have it for reference.

Color Name Hex Value RGB Value (R,G,B) Visual
Magenta #FF0097 255,0,151  
Purple #A200FF 162,0,255  
Teal #00ABA9 0,171,169  
Lime #8CBF26 140,191,38  
Brown #A05000 160,80,0  
Pink #E671B8 230,113,184  
Orange #F09609 240,150,9  
Blue #1BA1E2 27,161,226  
Red #E51400 229,20,0  
Green #339933 51,153,51  



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