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What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 2

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Today I discovered something I never really thought about before.  Fonts are really, really small files.  If you have a need for an icon, chances are that including the entire font in your project would be smaller in file size than even one image.  (Make sure you have the right to distribute that font before adding it to your project, however.)  I found a great font repository over at http://dafont.com (though not all fonts are freely distributable.)  What’s nice about using fonts is that it’s far less “work intensive” to use the icons from a font like WebDings than to have to be constantly switching images in and out.

For as much trouble as I have had submitting apps to the Marketplace, the Back button has certainly been the reason 90% of the time.  With each game that I’ve created, I have had a need to override the back stack, which means overriding the OnBackKeyPress event.  In each instance, I’ve created a nightmare situation for myself which resulted in failing testing when I submitted my application.  Today, the Windows Phone team seems to have solved this problem with the Non-Linear Navigation Service.  Check it out.

Looking for a job writing Windows Phone apps?  Polar Mobile might need you.  They just released a press release that they are planning to release 500 apps for Windows Phone by the end of next year.  Might be an awesome opportunity for those of you with some Silverlight chops. 

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