What if We Merge HR and IT?

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What if We Merge HR and IT?

HR is supposed to help us work. So is IT. What if we merge them?

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This assertion may seem odd. IT deals with IT, IT projects, software, servers. HR is in charge of human resources management, hiring, promotions, etc. But that has nothing to do with it, as their final goals are quite close.

HR and IT: Two teams, One Goal

What are your company's two productive assets? Who is in charge of the plant on an operational level? HR must ensure that the right people are there to produce, using the "new factory" which is IT. Both are production forces, both seek the best productivity, the greatest value creation. It would obviously be simplistic to say that a company is human beings who manipulate IT, but honestly it is not that far from that. This certainly does not sufficiently justify merging these two teams, but both are responsible for productivity. In other words, they can't ignore each other. 

HR and IT: Two Complementary Teams

Who is in charge of your internal training? HR; even if the specialists are on the IT side, or on the business side. Nevertheless, IT is like a Hub of the company, and it is much easier to know a company by working in IT than in a particular department. Who sees a need for change support coming? IT, even if it is a subject on which HR has a clear say. This should be their real everyday work in my opinion. Because I am an IT project manager, am I supposed to know how to support change management? Mmmmmmm........

And when I see the scope of the subjects that IT deals with, I am a little confused that HR does not deal with them. Agile methods, Agile coaching, Serious Games, new types of management — these are HR topics don't you think? How many times have I seen IT full of good will making changes on HR topics, who in the end find themselves faced with end users that do not understand what is happening to them.

HR and IT: And Now

So, of course, we are far from a world where all HR departments do what we could imagine HR to do. I sincerely believe that the first people who are sad about this is HR themselves, who would like to contribute their skills to make companies more human and productive. And in a number of companies HR is confined to core roles. Maybe we should get closer and help each other? And who even knows to merge together?

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