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What Is a Data Application? [Audio]

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What Is a Data Application? [Audio]

Whether you're a subject matter expert, a business decision maker, or simply a consumers, you interact with data applications.

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There are data visualizations. There are web applications. If they had a baby, you'd get a data application.

Data applications are a big part of where our data-driven world is headed. They're how data science gets operationalized. They are how end-users — whether they're subject matter experts, business decision makers, or consumers — interact with data, big and small. We all use a data application when we book a flight, for instance. 

Dave King, Exaptive CEO and a chief software architect, spoke with Software Engineering Daily about what makes data applications important and best practices for building them. Check out the podcast or read the abridged transcript. (And try building a data application if you'd like.)

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