What is an IoT platform?

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What is an IoT platform?

The Internet of things is well on its way. But there are many details to consider on the path from idea to product. You will soon discover it takes a "platform". Here's a concrete example of one.

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We have spoken about what the Internet of Things is, how your business can profit from it, and now we are going to take a first look at the software that can make this happen.

An IoT platform is essentially what makes IoT happen for your device. It is the application that connects it with the cloud and the corresponding output device. Here’s an illustration using Smart.js, Cesanta’s IoT platform:

IoT Platform

The components that you see here are:


This is on the far left and is your device. Typically there is a microcontroller with a wireless connectivity  that holds the application.

Hub Level

Moving on to the right, the Hub Level is the software that facilitates the connection with the cloud. Typically, it is a bridge between the IP-connected cloud non IP-connected device.

Cloud Level

The cloud is where the data is sent from your device and where it should be formatted for output (graphs etc). It also facilitates remote device management and remove software updates.

3rd Party Applications

When we arrive at the far right, we have the 3rd party application where the output should be send. This can be a mobile app or your internal systems amongst other things. This is where the data is sent.

The IoT platform ensures that the communication between your device and the output works, that data is collected and formatted correctly and functions such as remote updates and access are facilitated.

There are other components to consider such as security features, connectivity choices (WiFi, bluetooth etc), etc. But for now, we are going to keep it topline so you get the foundation of what an IoT platform consists of.

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