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What Is WSO2 ESB?

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What Is WSO2 ESB?

WSO2 offers an open source ESB solution, an integration framework with both public and private cloud offerings. Learn more about it here.

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In this article, I'm going to describe one of the leading open source ESB solutions available on the market today. WSO2 has been developing a middleware platform for more than ten years and WSO2 ESB has been one of their major product offerings from the beginning. It has been built on top of several major open source projects like Apache synapse, Apache axis2, Apache HttpComponents, and their in-built, state of the art middleware platform "Carbon." 

As an integration product, it has the capabilities most of the integration projects dreamed about. Some of those features are mentioned below:

  • Message routing.

  • Message transformation.

  • Protocol switching.

  • Data mapping.

  • Message tracing and analytics.

  • Integration with cloud APIs (e.g. Salesforce, Gmail, and Twitter) using 160+ cloud connectors.

  • Integration with databases and offer data services.

  • Integration with proprietary systems (e.g. SAP, FIX, and HL7).

There are many more features available in the WSO2 ESB, and you can find more information by visiting the WSO2 ESB page

WSO2 ESB comes with different deployment options. Based on your requirement and budget, you can choose a deployment strategy:

WSO2 ESB comes with an easy to use development environment built on top of Eclipse. WSO2 developer studio (a.k.a. WSO2 tooling) gives you the ability to build your integration scenarios by just dragging and dropping and connecting them. You can even build, deploy, and run these integrations directly from the IDE.

In addition to the tooling, WSO2 ESB also provides an analytics offering, which is built on top of WSO2 DAS (Data Analytics Server) and provides both macro level analytics like TPS, latency, request count, and failure count, as well as micro level details like per mediator latency, request count, and message content with the usage of messaging tracing capabilities.

If you want to learn more about WSO2 ESB and it's capabilities, you can refer the following article written by Samisa Abeysinghe (Chief Engineering and Delivery officer at WSO2).

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