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The 12 Days of Content (Day 9): What Made Us Happy in 2017

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The 12 Days of Content (Day 9): What Made Us Happy in 2017

As part of our wrap up of 2017, see what made DZone's Zone Leaders happy, both personally and professionally in 2017.

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It's been a long year, but it hasn't been all bad, particularly when we look at how things have developed in the tech world. Here's what has made the Zone Leader team here at DZone happy in 2017.

James Sugrue 

I've really enjoyed the evolution of programming languages in mobile — I'm talking about Kotlin and Swift here. Kotlin getting first class support from Google in Android Studio is a serious statement of intent. Having played around with it, it's a more concise way of expressing yourself without getting stuck in the boilerplate code required in Android apps until now. Swift has been going from strength to strength and has really become the default for any iOS developers. 

The beauty of these languages is not only their relative simplicity, but also their similarities — it's easier than ever to develop for both platforms. 

John Vester 

The continued progress toward setting standards for RESTful communication is something I believe made impressive progress in 2017.  While the two standards (RAML and OpenAPI) continue to push forward to help drive adoption, I am pleased with corporations (like MuleSoft) who have introduced functionality to support both standards within their product lines.

On a personal note, making the decision to return to a consulting role has allowed me to further broaden my depth and understanding of emerging technologies.  At the same time, Nicole and I were blessed with the birth of our son, Phoenix, in August.

Tim Spann 

For me, 2017 was an amazing year. First, I was able to deliver a fun Refcard for TensorFlow, which was something of a dream for me, as I have been collecting Refcardz for years. In technology, I have been loving Apache NiFi, which has advanced in record processing and variable registry.   

Also, I have been working with a lot of devices like the excellent NVidia Jetson TX1, which was greatly discounted this year — making for a killer device. I also was able to do a ton of great articles on the Raspberry Pi with all of its interesting HATs. 

On the library side, TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, NLTK, OpenNLP, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, OpenCV, and others have been amazing. I am still doing and loving Java for Apache NiFi processors and for the rich libraries in Apache Tika, Apache OpenNLP, Stanford CoreNLP, and others. 

Meanwhile, Python blew up! It's everywhere from Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, TensorFlow, and Apache MXNet. This was the year to program in Python.

I also visited a ton of awesome conferences, worked a few booths, and spoke at a few conferences.  My hightlights were DataWorks Summit in Sydney and Munich as well as OracleCode NYC and Strata NYC.

Sibanjan Das 

It was a fantastic year for me in every aspect. It was amazing to witness the progress in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence — regarding both adoption and innovation. It was a pleasure to see and contribute to the growth of AI in the space of Automated Machine Learning, advancement in Deep Learning capabilities, and intelligent bots. I published my first book on Data Science and was happy to see readers getting engaged with the pieces. I had a roller coaster ride in my professional pursuits, but I learned many things valuable that make me happy.

2017 would not have been better without DZone. In 2017, a brand new AI Zone was formed to drive thought leadership in the AI domain and focus on Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning. My DZone Slack conversations were informative, entertaining, and refreshing. Special thanks to Zone leader Duncan Brown for his outstanding insights over Slack that bring life to all our discussions.

It was awesome to witness my son growing. He started walking and playing with me (mostly jumping over me and hitting me). I learned a new way of nonverbal communication from him (understanding his demands from his crying patterns and various other symbols). Another happy year of fatherhood and family.

Chris Ward 

The whole area around technology education has made me most happy. This includes better and better ways to teach the principles of programming to new and young enthusiasts that really take them from 'hello world' to useful projects. This also includes education existing and older developers of better ways of being and doing. Whilst there are far fewer developers caring about these issues than there should be (and 2017 showed us how important this is), the number is healthily increasing, as are those discussing the subject. This will ensure that moving into the future, we create innovative technology that is also good for humanity.

Cate Lawrence 

2017 has been an abundant year from IoT, we’ve seen lots of project move from pilot stages into fully fledged with notable ROI, particularly in IIoT. We’ve also seen the convergence of IoT and AI and more recently the blockchain. But it hasn’t been all good, cybersecurity remains a persistent pain point for connected devices and there are plenty of security advisors finding out all the ways companies are failing to ensure our security. Yet we’ve also seen people start to critically question connected use cases and that just because we can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that we should, from autonomous weaponry to facial recognition technology.

This year has been one of travel for me, something that I never see as anything but an absolute privilege with trips to New York, Madrid, Lviv, Edinburgh and a bunch of other cities in between. I have been honored to work with DZone to bring stories to you over the year.

Daniel Stori 

2017 was the year that I was cured of a rare disease, joined the DZone family, and started to use Kubernetes for deployments. What a great year!

Lisa Smith

In 2017, I was very happy to start a chapter of Women Who Code and see our membership grow to 500+ amazing women. In addition to networking and education, our chapter was able to send 30 women to All Things Open — a fantastic open source conference where I met... DZone! I am so very happy to work with these smart and talented folks — thanks for having me. 

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