What Mobile Apps Will Make You the Most Money in 2018?

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What Mobile Apps Will Make You the Most Money in 2018?

Research indicates that IoT apps will be in high demand this year, and thus, will be lucrative. See what other types of app are slated to do well.

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It's tough to know when a mobile app niche is so saturated you can't make money developing for it, and when it's ripe for the picking. So what kind of apps should you look at building if you're looking to make the most money?

I found two sources that provide plenty of useful information. The first is TGDaily's blog post, "Trends in Mobile App Development." On top of the post's list of likely money-making mobile apps are ecommerce apps that make life more convenient for an existing audience. In the words of the post, "If a business has a service that it can deliver remotely, sooner or later the smart money is on doing it with an app." That means ecommerce and banking-related apps, among others.

Next on its list: The Internet of Things (IoT). In particular, the post says, security-related mobile IoT apps are in short supply and are needed badly.

The post also expects health, fitness, and telemedicine mobile apps to prove to be profitable. As evidence, it cites data showing that the global mobile health market is expected to grow to almost $60 billion by 2020. Finally, the post says that mobile payment and cryptocurrency mobile apps will hit the big time this year, as long as high-level security is built in.

Another blog post by AOT Technology, "Mobile App Development Trends that Make 2018 Exciting" covers which apps will likely prove to be money-makers this year, as well as other topics. Like the TGDaily post, it cites IoT mobile apps, and includes wearables in that category. And like TGDaily it expects mobile payment apps to continue their growth.

It also says that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps, which are now used primarily for entertainment and gaming, will start to be used for retail, human resources, and other purposes. Virtual showrooms will become popular, as will using AR and VR for employee training.

The post also expects an upsurge in cloud-based mobile apps, citing Cisco's VNI Global Mobile Forecast which says that 90% of mobile data in 2019 will be driven by the cloud.

And it also says that chatbots and artificial intelligence apps will continue their strong growth, concluding "2018 promises more advanced smart apps and intelligent chatbots that will redefine how businesses interact with their customers."

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