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What is Multivariate Testing (MVT)?

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What is Multivariate Testing (MVT)?

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In the world of conversion rate optimization there are a few terms that you will hear again and again. One of those terms is Multivariate Testing, but what is it?


What is Multivariate Testing?

As the name suggests this is about testing multiple items on a webpage. It is the process in which more than one element on the page is changed and tested against a control version, an easier way to think of it is that it is simply multiple A/B tests taking place on one page at the same time.

With multivariate testing the only limit on how many elements can be tested at one time is the amount of traffic the webpage receives and how long the test can run for, with all testing you are looking to reach a statistically significant result and that requires enough traffic to go through each variant so websites with smaller levels of traffic will have to run their tests for considerably longer.

Multivariate testing is very much an iterative process where the results of each test help to plan what should be tested next as there are many elements that are being changed on the webpage it is all about finding the right combination of elements to deliver the greatest increase in conversion rate.

The biggest benefit of using multivariate testing is that it can allow you to perform more tests in a shorter period of time as you are testing more than one thing at a time. This can be useful for larger websites who want to make quicker gains, or where there are a lot of elements that need to be tested but not enough time to run them all individually.

The Internet is full of success stories where people have used multivariate testing to dramatically increase their conversion rates, how will it work for you?

Have you tried multivariate testing? How did your tests go? Do you have any questions about multivariate testing? Feel free to share your views below.


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